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Foster plate amp for THT?

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Hey, I'm looking at one of the Foster WF-100K amps from Jack Hidley's website and wondering if it is a viable option for a THT. I searched around here and over at the BFM forums, and wasn't able to find any threads of anyone talking about this particular combination.

Hopefully someone with more experience than I can chime in and clue me in.

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I'm using the Foster amp on an 8" tapped horn currently and it works great. However I think that it starts to roll off just under 30hz which is perfect for my application powering an MCM 55-2421 but you will lose output in the 22-28hz range. The amp can be changed as for the low pass crossover if you would like to change a couple of resistors. After that it should work great.
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Yes, it is mentioned that the amp has a HPF at 29hz. My soldering skills....don't exist, so I'd prefer not to have to modify whatever I happen to buy for an amp. Would I be better off just spending a little more and buying a 240w plate amp from PE? How much output is going to be sacrificed by having that high-pass filter in place?
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I would argue that you will want some more power then it will provide, the filter has to go as the THT was meant to go down to 20hz and it does it very well. Though just about any plate amp you go with might need a filter change to make it work good.
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Why not just buy a cheap rack mount pro audio amp ?
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Originally Posted by penngray View Post

Why not just buy a cheap rack mount pro audio amp ?

Because the Foster goes for $35 and a cheap pro amp goes for $200. You can bridge two Foster's and get 220 watts @ 8 ohms. You can't bridge two at 4 ohms nor 6 ohms. I knew 4 ohms would not work, but Jack thought that 6 ohms might work. Well it doesn't. I tried it.
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Maybe I will just stick with the Dayton SA240 then if the HPF is going to be an issue. Also, the extra wattage won't hurt.

Just wishful thinking that I'd be able to save a little cash, I guess.
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BigD I know this is OT, but your sig made me snort
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Glad I could provide some amusement. Not sure where I read it, but always liked that quote.
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Hey BigD, and to anyone else looking into the Foster amps, I know this is old, but Jack now offers the Foster plate amp with a 20hz filter
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I have both, get the PE plate amp.

The jack hidley plate amp does roll off where the PE plays down to about 19hz perfect for the THT.
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