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I am new to the forum, this is my first post...

Here is what I current have:
Receiver: Yamaha RX-V590
L/R: Klipsch KM-6
Center: Klipsch KM-C
Surround: Klipsch KG .5
Sub: None
TV: Samsung Series 6 - 640

Now, the reason for the post...

I am looking to up-grade/down-grade, depending on how you look at it. I am going to relocated my current system (above) to my basement, with the goal of gaining space in my living area (open floor plan – about 15’x15’, and opens to kitchen/foyer/dining (most definitely not acoustically ideal) – only the TV will stay upstairs. So, I am going to go with wall mountable speakers and a new receiver. I, like most on this site, research ad nauseam to identify the best system (at least in my mind).

I am requesting any feedback/suggestions on my 'short-list:'

- Klipsch Quintet w/10" Sub
- Paradigm Cinema 110s
- Cerwin Vega CVHD
- Any suggestions (must be wall mountable)?

Receivers – in no particular order (this is where I am really indecisive):
- Pioneer VSX-9040TXH
- Onkyo TX-SR707
- Yamaha RX-V66
- HK??
Really seeking recommendations here Ideal Features:
- HDMI in front
- HD tuner
- Network capabilities, but know at my price point it may be unattainable

-- I am not sold on any particular brand, as I believe in today’s marketplace, most major brands are similar in quality at respective price points. I am seeking a mid-range AV Receiver ($400-$700).

Thank you in advance!

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Have you considered keeping your current receiver upstairs and buying something better to use in the basement? The Paradigms are very nice as are your receiver choices.
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Originally Posted by Antibayi View Post

Have you considered keeping your current receiver upstairs and buying something better to use in the basement? The Paradigms are very nice as are your receiver choices.

Thanks for the response...

No, the basement will get the next upgrade (when the kids are older). The primary viewing area is the upstairs living space; in a few years I will convert the basement into a theater room/gaming space, utilizing the big Klipschs (above), with a Sub added.

My current receiver has survived several moves and is showing signs of wear, i.e. currently running sound through "VCR 2," as the other RCA plugs are too loose to foster quality sound - still sounds good though. Additionally, I am mounting the TV on the wall and running new speaker wire and a single HDMI to the TV - I will run all the components through the receiver, something I never did with my current set-up. My current receiver does not have support HDMIs - seeking to upgrade the receiver with current features, i.e. 1080p upscaling, HDMI, current version on surround, etc.
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I would go with the Paradigm/Onkyo combo. If you want to save a little cash, accessories4less.com has refurbed 707's (807's as well) at great prices. Also, NHT speakers (since they are sealed) would make a nice choice if looking to wall mount.
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I have refined my list a little, but would still like feedback/comments/suggestions...

Here is my short list, in order of preference:

- Pioneer-vsx-9040txh
- Yamaha-rx-v765
- Onkyo-tx-sr707
- Onkyo-tx-nr807

My thoughts:

- The Pioneer may not be available for purchase?? Seems to have quality inners and is deems "Elite" without the label.

I like Yamaha (currently have a RX-V590), but don't like the look of the unit, not that should matter; have to bump up to the 1065 for USP & HD Tuner, unsure if it is worth it??

The Onkyos are well liked, but there is something inside of me that says no - I just can't explain it. My installer in an Onkyo dealer, but then recommended the Denon 1910 for my system?

I am curious about the quality of the midrange (or low-end) receivers of the higher-end receivers. For instance, I am also seeking speakers and I am learning a lot, as people are recommending brands I never heard of, but then I research and find out they are some of the best speakers out there - like Martin Logan. Are there receivers in the $400-$700 range from other less well-known brands?

After further research it seems I am seeking the basics with some bells and whistles (in order of preference):
- Quality picture & sound
- HD Tuner would be a plus
- HDMI & USB in front would be nice
- DSP modes are nice, but ultimately are not needed and would sacrifice for quality true sound.

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