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Could be but I, for one, don't watch much 4:3 material anymore and wouldn't want this to slow down the relase by one hour.
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Sent PM Friday evening, email today, tried to leave message on 800 number but got a fax tone later got a digitized robotic greeting asking me to leave message in some mail box number.

So were is the Somis guy?
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Correction called the 805 number. After 4 rings get a fax tone.
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Don must be tied up with something. I have pre-ordered one of his masking screen frames as a beta tester and we have been emailing/PM-ing back and forth and he has been very responsive.
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Hi mmiles-

Sorry, been tied up the last couple of days. I sent you a PM. I will call you tomorrow.

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Got and replied with dimensions.

If you like we can take it off AVS and you can email me directly.

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Originally Posted by Somis View Post

Thanks Steve.

Just to update everybody, the controller prototype boards are in, and I have been able to download code to the processor. Next is to get the motors turning and then add the presets.

In case anybody's interested, the old design used an OTP (One-Time Programmable) processor, which made it difficult to change or update code.

The new device is Flash-based, in which you can download new code at any time, without replacing the chip.

It's Like going from the Flintsones to the Jetsons.

The new controller also supports RS232.

This has been a gating item, but it looks like we're still on track for a July release.

Stay tuned!


How are things coming, Don?
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Hey Steve-

The prototype boards are in, and I have done the "smoke" test on one. Couple of layout errors (Que?), but nothing major.

I will have the prototype controller up and running this weekend. I have since re-designed the PCB, and I will be submitting that for fabrication next week. Turn-around time is 10 business days. These will be the production boards. When they come in I will stuff and test a sample.

These then need to go to the testing lab for FCC compliance.

My goal is to wrap up the controller by 7/31. At 1/3 into the month, it's cutting it close!

Stay tuned!

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Thanks, Don. This sounds like a lot of fun.
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I am very interested in this masking system. I have searched high and low and cannot find a picture of it anywhere. Do any of you folks have any pictures?
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Actually, the masking absorbs so much light, the images just seem to disappear.

I intend to post some pictures over the weekend.

Stay tuned!

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Dear friends-

As of immediately, the manual masking systems will no longer be available.

They will be replaced with the motorized versions, and the website will be updated to reflect this. I will have updated pictures as well.


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I still see no update.
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My web guy is MIA. Hope to have it resolved shortly. I can probably post my lastest pics here over the weekend.

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I can't wait to find out when these will be available for purchase and how much they will be. I just finished my CIH theater and am looking for a more affordable alternative to the other systems.
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Haven't had a call from you in awhile... Hope you didn't forget about your beta testers.
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I thought I'd chime in and offer an update on the masking systems/screens.

My efforts of late is to finalize the trim for the screens. The "fit and finish".

This is important, since the screens are also "furniture". The challenge has been to keep the cost down, and yet achieve a professional look.

I thought this would be "duck soup", but it proved to be more difficult than I originally thought. Besides a nice finish, it has to be easy to assemble.

Well, I had a breakthrough last week, which means that I shall be able to offer pictures shortly.

The delays can be agonizing, and I appologize for them. But, I am committed to building a quality product.

All the best-

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Has anyone heard from Don?

Don I tried calling you. Not sure if you still have the same number but give me a call as soon as possible. Thanks
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Hey Chris-
Yes, still here. Just been busy.

Now that I have the trim worked out, I can take some pictures and start uploading them. I had my upholstery guy attach the velveteen to the MDF. Turns out that he's much better at it than I am. I guess I'll stick to the engineering.

I have been using the screen in 16x9 mode, simply because my A lens is not up. But, I can say that it has been quite a pleasant experience none-the-less.

I'm using a "proprietary" 1x gain screen material (non AT). Looks good with my Panny. The screen frame can accept any screen material, AT or non-AT.

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Hi Don,

I've let you a message and a PM and I'm sure you're busy. I was hoping to catch you before the weekend, as I'd like to see if you can accomodate a curved screen. Please contact me. Thanks!

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Still no photos. How about pricing? Will you have a web site?
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Hank, try www.somissystems.com for Don's website.
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Thanks. Those prices may look good compared to the high-end screen companies' masking systems, but they are too high for me. Looks like I'll be looking at DIY.
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PM sent to your website
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The website is now gone and there have been no updates for a long time. Are these products still happening?
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I just clicked on the link to check progress, and an "Under Construction" page popped up.
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I spoke with Don a week or so, ago about a curved screen application. He was still working on the motors for the masking systems, which is a key factor for both the flat and curved screen masking systems.
Though I do not work with Don directly (nor am I associated with Somis) I too am waiting on a masking system from them and suspect that Don will update his website, once he has a fully functioning system to offer us. Just my 2¢.
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Is this a DIY kit Don/Somis is selling, and therefore it's in the DYI section of the 2.35 forum.

Or, is this a turnkey and fully approved system that you install but don't really do DIY.
IF so, this thread should be moved to the "parent" 2.35 CIH chat forum?

I'd like to see the system pictures as well, and expected prices, the website is still under construction.
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I believe any kind of "kit" would have a DIY component, because assembly and mounting of a masking system over a screen can never really be "turnkey".

Like a garage door opener... All home improvement stores sell them, and most homeowners could install one themselves - but many would not consider it "plug and play" or "turnkey".

Watch the forum. From what I've read and heard there is likely to be more than one person offering a masking "kit" in the coming months.

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The web page is still "under construction". Where can we find prices?
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