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Need some help here with my TM700. I've looked around and can't really find this specific problem I am having.

I had some AVCHD files that I couldn't figure out how to delete. I recorded them when I first got this camera in 2010. I have since been recording solely in 60P, so I found out that I had to go back to the AVCHD mode in order to view those files to delete them. So I chose delete, and then "All scenes" instead of "select". I then pressed delete, it asked for a confirmation, and I said yes. So it said, "Deleting" and stayed like that for maybe 10 minutes. It was a few files, but not an enormous amount. I tried to click "cancel" but it wouldn't work, the whole thing was frozen. My only option was to remove the battery. I did that and upon booting it back up, it said, "Thumbnail data error detected." And then it said, "Repairing thumbnail data." However, that screen also hangs for eternity.

Do I know have a worthless $750 piece of plastic?

Thanks to any that could provide some help.

By the way, I am able to access the camera on the computer if I plug in the USB quick enough before that error appears. I thought about trying to format the card manually, but I have no clue how to do that and thought I might cause even more damage.
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Put the SD card in your computer and get the files off it you want. Reformat the card with the computer. Put the card in the camera and reformat the card again. The computer reformat cleans it. The second creates the files structure the camera needs.
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Thanks for the suggestion. I don't have a card reader but I'll do my best. However, I think it might be an internal memory problem and not the SD card because when I remove the card altogether, it still gives me the same error?
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I'm getting the following error: "Error Occurred. Please turn unit off, then turn it on again." I've done that numerous times to no avail. The zoom doesn't work, and basically the rest of the camera doesn't work either, outside of the main menu. I've formatted the card in the camera, and I'm going to try to do it in the computer now to see if that helps. My settings are setup to use the SD card for both video and pics. Outside of that, it sounds like the auto screen opening and closing isn't opening all the way when I turn the camera on. It seems to take it a second or two before it fully opens up, resulting in a black screen till it does open up. Any ideas?

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