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New Pio 101FD - Dead Pixel - What to do

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Just received my new Pio 101FD and it has a dead pixel. I bought the display because I know they are in short supply and wanted to get one before they are gone. The store says they have no more. Should I just keep it or try to go through Pio for replacement or repair?

Advice is appreciated.

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if its only one dead pixel, you probably won't be able to see it in viewing distance. Don't worry about it.
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Yeah, it looks like only one. Its too bad but now I doubt I can get a replacement and it seems doubtful Pio would do anything for me.


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i can pretty much guarantee you that no flat panel display manufacturer will do anything for you for one dead pixel.

every manufacturer has a set number of "acceptable" dead or stuck pixels, below which they just quote you some BS about how if every panel was perfect it would drive prices up too much yadda yadda yadda.

i would tend to agree with goatse. you probably won't notice it at 7' away, and i would take its picture with one dead pixel than any other perfectly working display on the market today.
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Your options:

1) Check your return policy. Within the time limit? No restocking fee? Return it and tell them you're going with another vendor.

2) If you really want to push it, and used your credit card, send it back and contest the charge under personal dissatisfaction. It will take 3 months of forms but you'll avoid paying.

3) Just forget about it. This is my personal recommendation. The dead pixel will bug you now because you are fixated on it and want your new TV to be perfect.

Just sit back, have a beer, and watch something engrossing. Play a good game. Get your mind off of it. Soon, you will forget it's even there. Every know and then, you'll steal a glance, but that just means you need another beer.

Remember - you may have lost one, but you have 2,073,599 left.
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