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DTV H25/100 connected via HDMI to Denon 2312 connected to Panasonic Plasma via HDMI

Audio dropouts most noticeable on local HD channels. half second or so every few minutes. Turning off the DTV box and back on solves it for a bit.

Does not happen when DTV connected directly to TV. Does not happen when I connect from DTV to Denon via Coax. But unfortunately still happens when Denon is off and DTV plays through TV via HDMI pass through.

Has anyone found a setting to help resolve this?
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I run an optic cable from my Directv HR-22 to my Denon 1910. No drops...
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Switching dolby to 'off' got rid of continuous annoying skipping that we came
home to last night !

thanks !
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Same problem with the drops here.
Optical to Panasonic aVR.
Directv says "industry wide problem" which means obviously they are aware but have no solution.
Changed every cable in my setup and had directv send me new dvr. Same problem.
Some nights every 1/1/2 hrs some nights every 15 minutes. Doesnt seem to be any pattern whatsoever.

Well .....at least the pictures decent!!!!
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There is a long thread started 8/2010 on the dbstalk D* forum about audio dropouts:
http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=182017. There, it is claimed, "So, it's fairly well known that there are problems with the SAT feed that gives us audio dropouts on all MPEG-4 receivers with Dolby 5.1. These dropouts have nothing to do with the hardware on our end, regardless of what DirecTV customer service may try to tell you."

Personally, I'm not experiencing a problem.
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