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Stand for Soundbar and 55" LED

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I am in the process of buying a 55" Samsung LED, Yamaha 4100 soundbar, and more. My bottleneck is choosing a stand. I need to store a cable box, stereo receiver, cd player, and blu ray player in a stand.

I am hoping to avoid wall-mounting the TV. While many stands are available, accommodationgs for the sound bar are limited. It is 8.3" high and 40" wide. I've looked at some of the Salamander stuff and it's ok, but seems very pricey and still isn't a great fit for me. Designs a little too modern for our decor.

Would love to mount both the soundbar and tv on a hanging stand, but most can't accommodate the size of both components. I've found a few floor stands, which may work, as my wife found a stand she likes at the furniture store. Just having difficulty getting sufficient info on these floor stands and not sure if sufficient room would be left beneath to put sound bar on top of a stand.

Also, I prefer to have these components somewhat hidden, although at this stage I'm willing to be more flexible.

Any suggestions?
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We bought a piece of furniture tv table/stand to match our other furniture. Our 60 inch TV sits on it and, while we don't have a "sound bar" one would easily fit in front of our 60 inch TV.

If your TV sits so low that the "sound bar" would block a bit of the bottom of the TV screen then I'd just wrap a length of 2X4 in black felt and put the tv on it (or 1X6 or 2X6 or what ever required for stable footing for the TV.

This sounds like a issue that a little creative thought will easily fix.
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I have a Yamaha 4000 soundbar with a floor stand/mount, similar to the following:


The YSP-4000 sat on the top shelf. (It is now wall mounted in another room). The height of the TV is completely adjustable. The shelves are wide enough for two components per level.

This is the actual stand that we used:

It fit our needs. There is probably something out there that hides components too. Hope this helps.
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We finally got our Samsung 55" LED and Samsung Blu-ray player, along with a stand that is more like a piece of furniture (my wife's choice).

My plan has been to buy the Yamaha YTS-T500 Table-top pedestal stand, which can mount both my TV and the YSP-4100 sound bar. But, I can't find it in stock anywhere. Back-ordered everywhere I've looked.

So, I'm using the TV speakers, for now, and not liking it.

If I could find a good active sound bar that fits under my TV, on it's regular stand, I would get it. I'm willing to forgo some of the quality in the YSPs at this point. Anything I've found is either too tall or doesn't have HDMI connections.

Any recommendations?
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