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+1 ^^
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I am more interested in 3D for high end PC games and simulators like flight sims, race sims, RC heli sims (Phoenix R/C 4- that use the real radio as a controller in particular). Using that RC sim is the first time really thought 3D might come in handy.

With 2x SLI GTX670 video cards, I can run 64x antialiasing and all gfx cranked up and the heli sim almost looks real on my 52" Aquos.. but 3D might really make it pop off the screen, or look deep, back into the scene if it is far away..

My bro has a really nice and expensive passive 3D TV.. It's a higher end LG, forgot the model, he lives 14 hours away. It's more expensive that I would be able to afford when I get a new TV, but I wasn't that impressed with the 3D, and I tweaked it for a couple hours when watching MiB (the new one) and a bunch of other 3D content from Direct TV.

How much better is active 3D than passive, or is it better at all, or does it just depend on the person?
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On a 1080p TV, passive 3D is really only 540p since it has to render both eyes at the same time. So that may be why the quality didn’t look up to snuff. Active 3D can use all the pixels since it renders twice as many frames with the glasses blanking out every other frame for each eye. But active has disadvantages too because the glasses are expensive, heavier, require batteries, etc.

When 4K TVs become more prevalent, then it will be possible to have passive at 1080p and that might be a sweet spot. But for a while that will be an expensive option.

Specifically addressing your flight sim use case. I have played RealFlight on my 27" computer monitor in 3D. I think I was playing v4.5 so it may have improved, but you can tell that 3D support was kind of an afterthought. The helicopters and planes looked good in 3D, but the environment did not look natural at all, so it was more of a distraction than a benefit and I switched back to playing it in 2D.

I am waiting for Oculus Rift to be a little more mainstream and I think that will be the ultimate in 3D immersive gaming.
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That VR setup looks wild. Not sure I would be into it.

This is the R/C sim that I got last month.. You hook your transmitter up to it and practice flying your model helicopters and planes.


It's pretty good, but a lot of it is a huge 2D panoramic high res photo of an actual place, with the heli being rendered vbery well in 3D. So the only thing in 3D would be the heli, but the background would have to be in 3D, but only as a large wall in the background. Actually, it has depth, because you can run into objects and go behind trees, etc.. So maybe it is broken up into layers or something.

There re also 3D environments like a video game would have too.
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Sounds like Phoenix and RealFlight are very similar. Your description about the photographic background is exactly what was distracting about RealFlight. It was like there was a cardboard cutout of the environment floating behind my beautifully 3D rendered plane or copter. So it almost made it harder to judge distance from the ground etc. because it looked so weird. 3D done right is a very immersive experience, but when it comes to gaming, I find it hit and miss… and I usually end up going for the 120Hz refresh in 2D over 3D especially if it’s a game with fast-moving objects or a first-person shooter.
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