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25 Favorite DIY Home Theaters
By Arlen Schweiger
Over the last few years, we've profiled numerous home theaters crafted by the loyal readers of the AVS Forum. Here are some we loved most.

We're hoping you had a chance to peruse our recent Home of the Year Awards winners here on It's an annual pleasure of ours to check out some of the loftiest home A/V and automation installations done by the professionals, including some truly amazing theater rooms.

But not everyone can hire a custom electronics pro to do the work, and in the last few years we've been proud to profile some incredible craftsmanship from the do-it-yourself crowd, particularly the faithful contributors to the AV Science (AVS) Forum and its fearless leader David Bott.

Contributing writer Rachel Cericola has spent plenty of time interviewing and drooling over the photos of the intrepid DIYers, and it seemed logical to follow up our award-winning professional theater installation showcase with a look back at some of our DIY favorites. Apologies in advance if yours isn't in our slideshow.

Captain Jack Sparrow's on Board
Paul Snyder hand painted a life cast of actor Johnny Depp to turn him into Captain Jack Sparrow, as well as his grand-looking theater room's ticket taker.

Purple Passion
A panoramic shot taken from the back row of Don Kellogg's basement theater. Kellogg incorporated his high school colors (and wife's favorite color) into his basement home theater.

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