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*Official* Denon AVR-1911/791 & AVR-2311CI/891 Owner's Thread - Page 168

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NVIDIA video card owners: Try the following: Bring up the NVIDIA control panel. For display options, select the AVR (not the HTPC display). AVR->Adjust desktop color settings->Apply the following enhancements->Content type reported to the display->Full-screen video (vice the default of AUTO).

This fixed it! Thanks so much!
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Pardon the interruption but I've just discovered ARC, and it's an awesome feature.
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Sorry if this has already been asked, but I haven't been able to find the answer.

I've got a Denon AVR 1911, and it's been working great. I'd like to be able to condense all of my remotes into apps so I can get a permanent tablet to control everything (AVR, TV, HTPC, Smart Home Features, etc.). Denon has its own app, but it sounds like you need a networking jack on the back of the AVR for it to work, which makes sense. The 1911 does not have a networking jack.

Does anyone know of a way to do this? It seems foolish to have to buy a new AVR for this one feature...

Thanks in advance!
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If your receiver doesn't have networking then the only way to control it via a smartphone/tablet app is to add some 3rd party hardware which will convert the network signal into an infrared signal that can be "blasted" to the receiver or other components. For example, the popular Roomie Remote app sells a variety of IR adapters to enable control of non-networked devices: http://www.roomieremote.com/store/infrared-adapters
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Here's a strange problem.

On my 1911, the unit no longer cycles through each of the five Dyn EQ/Dyn Vol settings when I press the Dyn Eq/Vol button on the remote. It will only toggle between Dyn Eq on and off. However, I can still change the Dyn Vol setting in the GUI and on the front panel.

Is the remote faulty?
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Depends. Try setting Dyn EQ to ON using the button on the front panel and then see if pressing the Dynamic Volume button on the front panel cycles between the different settings. If yes, leave the Dynamic Volume setting in other than OFF and see if the remote returns to normal. If no, unplug the AVR for 10 minutes and try again.
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I cycled the settings on the front panel as you suggested then tried the remote. No joy. I then unplugged the AVR for 15 minutes. Still no joy.
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Then a microprocessor reset (p. 80 OM) would be the next step although this will return all settings to the original mfr defaults and require you to run Audyssey again.
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I've been using my ipod and iphone to play music through the 791 and it works great, charges and plays. Well, I've gone to the dark side and went with the new HTC One M8 and tried to play music through the usb port. It doesn't work, is this usb set up for apple devices only?
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Jpcamaro.....im no expert as I just bought same AVR 2nd hand but have same issue with Samsung Galaxy S4 - doesnt recognise it at all. Works with USB stick but havnt tried iPhone/iPod
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Generally only "i" devices, memory sticks and USB hard drives. frown.gif
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Same thing is happening in my car although I can download an app that will allow it to play and charge through usb. But the integration is nothing like Apple. Thankfully I still have an iPod touch which integrates perfectly with the denon and bmw so thats what I'll be using for music.

I just wish android got the same love from companies as Apple does.
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