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Closed Circuit HDMI solution?

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I am trying to figure out how I can instal 4 LCD screens in various parts of an office, each will display a scoreboard, and they will all display the same image. The scoreboard is supplied by a PC with an HDMI output. The max distance from the PC to the farthest screen will be roughly 80' maybe as much as 100' but should not be more than that. All the screens are 1920x1080 and it would be nice if I could keep that resolution

I have been researching HDMI splitters, but it some folks were saying they may not work, or are a bit flaky, and I am not sure how long the cables can actually be. I am also wondering if HDMI to Component, Coax is a viable option.

I wonder if anyone here has any experience with this type of scenario, and can offer some guidance.

Thanks in advance
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yea, take a look at the HDMI splitter devices over at monoprice-dot-com. I have used them in a similar manner with good results. You can also read the reviews.
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Unfortunately it looks like they are all out of stock, but at least I have an idea of what to search for.

Thanks again for responding.
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Ok, I found these little mini receivers.

siig-dot-com /ViewProduct.aspx?pn=CE-H20211-S1
they are on sale at Amazon for $28. Can I place one of these on both ends of a Cat5 cable, with an aplified splitter like this:
amazon-dot-com /4-Port-1x4-HDMI-Splitter-Certified/dp/B0012N1YDG

so I'd have 8 receivers and one 4 port splitter, would this work at all? It seems like all the solutions I am seeing are in the $200 plus range, and this seems pretty cheap, so I wonder if it is because it will not work...
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try searching google shopping for "hdmi distribution" sans quotes.

One Model came up Accell UltraAV 4x8 HDMI distribution for $166.

You can also get fairly inexpensive long runs of HDMI at


Hit CNTRL+F and search for 50ft, 75ft and so on...

You may want to read this as well.

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Thanks for all the input, I ended up going with a product from this site http://www.hdtvsupply.com/hdmi-splitter-over-cat5.html it does the HDMI to Cat5, and includes 8 powered receivers. It's more than I need, but if we ever want to upgrade to more screens, then hopefully it will support it. Also, I have plenty of Cat5 cabling around.

I'll post back in a couple weeks when I get everything setup and let you all know how it went.

Thanks a ton for all the help!

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