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Please Help! *PVR/Media Server/Remote Access*

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I'm really hoping someone can help me here. I've been struggling with my "Holy Grail" of home theater for years. I've tried many different options and really want to commit to a solid solution once and for all.

CURRENT SITUATION: Dish Network VIP722 HD-DVR receiver, home build HTPC with many video, audio and photo files. Xbox 360 that doesn't seem to play nice but seemingly has Media Center Extender capabilities, and also an original Xbox with Media Center Extender add-on.

All said, I can really only watch everything i want from my home theater where I have my DVR and HTPC hooked up together. I've had limited (at best) success getting anything to my other 2 televisions.

DESIRED SITUATION: For a number of reasons, I plan to get rid of my Dish Network service. So, I need to replace it with another option (or options). Ideas include: MythTV, Beyond TV, Microsoft Media Center, Boxee, etc.

Ultimately, I want to be able to record television (PVR), and then watch those events, as well as any of my movies, other videos, photos, music, on my main system, my other 2 TVs in the house, and I also want remote access.

ADDITIONAL NOTES: I have 2 available desktop PCs I could use for the other TVs. I have the Xbox 360 and original Xbox (though it seems like Microsoft has those locked down pretty tight in terms of the files it will play). Also, I'd be happy to use my laptop as sort of a traveling remote to stream files to whichever TV I chose. I'm just not dialed in enough to know how difficult that is.

Has anyone put together a similar system? What works well? I just haven't found what I deem to be a good solution to meet my needs.

Thanks in advance everyone. Been a huge fan of AVS for many years...so much to learn!
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I'm not sure I grasp the full extend of your needs, but you may want to check Orb (orb.com), I've been using this service to stream music, video, tv (with a tuner), and even live cam over the internet so I can access anywhere with an internet connection.
Good luck!

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