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Adding paradigm center to axiom

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Hello all, I was curious if adding a Paradigm CC-290 would match my Axiom M60s. I also have QS8s in the back. My center now, the VP150, seems to be lacking some overall punch and clarity on dialogue. Would getting a true 3 way such as the CC-290 help noticeably at all...and if so would it work with my two M60s. I can't find much information out about it, but I feel like I can improve my center for movies. I have a Marant SR7400 being fed analog through my Oppo BDP-83 for lossless.
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No.. it won't sound matched and would be a frankenstein system... the VP150 has been known to be a little bit of an underperformer but still a good center.

If voices are just hard to understand you probably need to treat the first reflection in your room... if this is the case (as iit s for everyone who hasn't treated the reflections) you will have relections and clarity will suffer no matter what speaker you choose.
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Is finding the first reflection point something to do with moving a mirror on the wall behind the sweet spot until you see the speaker in the front? I remember this only vaguely from a text long ago.
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Originally Posted by Axiom Maniac View Post

Is finding the first reflection point something to do with moving a mirror on the wall behind the sweet spot until you see the speaker in the front? I remember this only vaguely from a text long ago.

Have a helper slide the mirror along the walls and ceiling....If you see the speaker baffle (grill) in the mirror (when sitting in your seat) then that speakers sound is bouncing off the wall and hitting your ears... only it traveled further than the same sound you heard directly from the speaker... so it took longer to get there.... because the distance is only slightly longer the spl (volume) is almost as loud as the direct sound.

Take for instance your center.... if you can see it at one place on the ceiling, 1 on the left and right side walls and one on the back wall (the floor if it's not carpet).... that's four or (five with hard floors) places that sound is bouncing off and and hitting your ears along with the direct sound... now do this for every speaker in the room.... it's like several people standing around you all talking at once....talk about a muddy mess.

Treating the front wall is kinda optional... the only reflections you'll get are from the surrounds which are diffused for most of use anyway and because of the very long distance the spl will be very low.. I tryed it and found that it didn't need to be done. If you have rear ported speakers close to the wall a panel behind them can help quiet port noise and resonance.. but again very minimal improvement and I think most that treat the front wall only did it because someone told them they needed to...But as far as the mains and center go the front wall is in no way a first refleciton point.

No speaker can perform any where near it's best in an untreated room... the difference is jaw dropping.

DIY panels can be built for around $18 per. I did my movie room for around $200.

This is what I used and about the best price you'll find.
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Another thing to make sure of is that the center is not set in a cabinet or set back on a shelf. Make sure the front of the speaker is at least at the leading edge of the shelf or cabinet.
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If your budget will allow and you have the room Axiom has the new VP180 shipping next week. http://www.axiomaudio.com/boards/ubb...304029&fpart=6 One beast of a center channel I have the VP150 and have had no problems with it plays loud and clear, I have it crossed at 100hrz and my M22s are at 80hrz never had any problems.
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Awesome advice cdy, thanks for explaining it. Im going to have to do that when I can get my friend over here. Also CSChange I do have it flush against the cabinet wall, in the same plane as my M60s and not recessed in a cabinet. I could have got the vp180 for 100 off, but I decided I dont need a M80 sideways thats 4 ohms. I'm going to treat the room first and see if I can solve this, as my room is kind of tricky with tapering ceiling on either end.
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I just got axioms. Vp150 with 2xm60s 4qs8s and ep500 sub. I love the speakers except the center just doesn't fit. I have problems understanding dialogue so I am upgrading to the vp180 which is massive. Hopefully this alleviates problem.
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