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Suggested center for Polk R15 and Future Upgrades

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I have a pair of Polk R15 speakers. I'm going to use them as mains for
a while, but eventually I'm going to get better mains. I want to buy a
good center speaker that would be a good timbre match for both my
current speakers and the better ones I buy later. I'm considering a
Polk center from a more expensive series. How good would the timbre
match be, considering they are the same manufacturer but different
series? Would it be better than if I got a center from a different

My budget is about $200. I'm looking at the CSi A4 or CS20, but I'm open to
other suggestions.
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how about a CS1 from http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...lk+cs1&x=0&y=0

then consider the Polk Monitor series as an upgrade path with a lot of "bang for the buck"
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Thanks. The CS1 is a great deal. But my budget is bigger, $200 or more. I was hoping to get a better quality center for more money. My primary concern is timbre matching my R15s as well as future mains (maybe also Polk?). Secondarily, I want a very good price/performance ratio.
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Well it kinda depends on what you have planned for your future mains. CSIA4 is fine if you plan to buy the RTiA speakers to go with them.

If you plan to buy Monitor 60s or 70's then the CS2 would perfect. And you'll get more for you money buying the outgoing Monitor series, especially from Newegg.

If you have no idea what you want for main speakers, it doesn't make a lot of sense to buy a Polk center. What happens if you decide you want Energy towers, Jamo towers or some other brand? Then the center wont match.
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here is a different thought on your upgrade....
Take your $200 (plus a little) and buy two Polk Monitor 50 towers http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...tor+50&x=0&y=0 or add a bit to the budget and get a pair of Monitor 60's

Use one of your R15's as a center (and maybe the other for a single rear in a 4.1 setup) until the budget refills and you can purchase the CS1 or CS2. Then use the R15's as surrounds.

For a very modest investment you will have a top end entry level surround speaker system and the results will be a very noticeable improvement from just the R15's

Just a thought anyway. "Afrogt" made a very good point. You have to commit to a single manufacturer and speaker series for the "front 3" prior to buying any of the components. Buying a center first will "lock" you into what to buy later on for the front L & R, even if those speakers would exceed your budget and you can not take advantage of the remarkable speaker sales that pop up every so often.
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