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I have now been using my new E470VL for about a week. I moved my Magnavox 2160 DVR to this TV and connected it via HDMI. When I view OTA stations via the Magnavox, the picture is not as crisp as when I view the same stations via the tuner in the Vizio. From what I am reading it could have something to do with settings on the Vizio HDMI ports. However, there does not seem to be a way to change any HDMI settings on this TV. Any ideas?
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Originally Posted by moreorle View Post

I have now been using my new E470VL for about a week. I moved my Magnavox 2160 DVR to this TV and connected it via HDMI. When I view OTA stations via the Magnavox, the picture is not as crisp as when I view the same stations via the tuner in the Vizio. From what I am reading it could have something to do with settings on the Vizio HDMI ports. However, there does not seem to be a way to change any HDMI settings on this TV. Any ideas?

If I misunderstood your question and my reply is in any way insulting, I apologize in advance.

If you are comparing TV vs Mag while watching an HD program, the difference is dramatic, as the Mag tuner is SD only. But if you are saying you prefer an SD program on the TV side, I do notice when there's text, but otherwise, I don't care. I usually watch live on the TV side, because most of what we watch is in HD; plus, surfing on the TV side is so much faster.

For HDMI settings on the Mag side, I prefer YCbCr, but sometimes it reverts to RGB. If the Mag picture looks bad, I start by checking my "HDMI format" setting, and then I look at the TV color setting. I thought about creating a custom TV color setting specifically for Mag viewing, but haven't bothered, because usually I watch the TV side for everything except recordings.

Someone on the Mag thread mentioned that when you play with the Mag's HDMI settings, be sure you go completely outside the setup menu to assess the effect. It appears to show you a change while you're inside the menu, but that isn't accurate.

For the best advise, ask on the Mag thread, you're probably reading it, but I'll add the thread link, just in case. Wajo has a Vizio, and somewhere in that long thread is a discussion of HDMI settings, with his settings and comments from a few others. I've been meaning to find that discussion again. But since you're ready to adjust, why not just ask there, and they will point you in the right direction. And then I can read your results, and have another reference point for settings. I'm mostly back to default settings, I didn't look where I had my settings before I shut off power to try a different antenna.

Hope you enjoy your Vizio.

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Hey guys!!

I've had the E470VL that i got from Costco for less than a year.

Is the Zero Bright Pixel Defect Guarantee covered in this product model?
(Its a stuck pixel that stays lit like green for example right?)

If so im gonna call Vizio to have a tech take a look at it asap.

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If you only have one dead pixel they would not take any action unless you have more than 5. I had one subpixel problem and called them. They gave me that excuse. You may try but they give you the same answer as mine.
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thanks for the reply.

what i ended up doing was i went ahead and gave them a call. They had me provide the proof of purchase and i had to take a couple of pictures of the tv on showing the bright pixel. i sent it to them and they went ahead and scheduled someone to come to my house and swap out the tv for a remanufactured one.

sorry im not too knowledgeable with tv tech. a dead pixel is one that doesnt even light up right? mine was a pixel that doesnt put out the correct color (it stays green).
correct me if im wrong.

thanks again for the reply!!
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Even though they send a tech and take a look. I think you just waste your time and they will give you the same answer I told you. They would say that is their policy. If they give you a exchange remanufactured ones it may not as good as the ones you have now. I would suggest you just forget it. If you use a TV it would be okay and hardly to notice. Good luck and have a good enjoyment.
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I was hoping someone could help me out. My parents have an e470vl with Dish Network.

Trying to use the Dish remote (for the ViP722k HD DVR) with the TV. When I cycle through inputs with the remote, it's only hitting AV (used for Wii), HDMI-2 (the DVR) , and RGB (not used). It is skipping over the other inputs, most importantly the component one (DVD player).

Also, if they go to the TV menu to manually switch inputs, the right/left buttons work, but the up/down do not (so they can not get to the top row to manually switch the input)

As such, they are still stuck with using the TV remote to switch inputs in order to watch DVDs. We have tried using all the codes listed and while a few of them work somewhat, the only one that actually switches inputs at all is code 598, so it's the most functional.

Curious if anyone else is using Dish with the remote and what code they are using.

I will be switching them eventually to a Blu-ray player and whatnot, but in the meantime it's kindof a hassle.
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Your best bet might be to get them a Harmony remote...that should meet their needs now and in the foreseeable future. And you don't need to spend a lot of money, either...check CompUSA for inexpensive refurbs of all the various models.
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I just connected a PS3 I had in storage to my E550VL (through a Sony AVR), and each time I start up the 3D games on the console I get a message onscreen telling me that a "3D TV has been detected" and asking me if I want to "switch to 3D mode". How can this be happening with a display that is not 3D-capable?
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I have a Vizio E470VLA.While using any HDMI connection with either a Charter provided Scientific Atlanta DVR 8300HD or a Cisco 4640hdc HD box the sound will cut in and out on HD channels.Turning the channel and then turning it back will correct the problem for a few minutes but it always comes back.It's usually when a commercial comes on but not always.Certain channels seem to be affected more than others.We have had Vizio send a brand new TV.We have had both the Charter and Vizio techs come to the house several times and they tried every adjustment possible with no resolution.We've also had the "Vizio engineers" try to diagnose the HDMI handshake issue.The latest attempt to correct the sound issues consisted of them sending a USB drive to flash the firmware.The firmware is now updated to version TPV_2.49. The issue still has not been fixed.The 2 other TV's - a Phillips and a Sony work perfectly with the same cable boxes.It's only this make a model that are having the issues.The component cables do not have this issue but I should not have to downgrade the video signal on a brand new TV set.Anyone else have this issue? Up to this point Vizio has been great at trying to correct the issue but everything they have tried has failed and they are not willing to do anything more.Thanks in advance for any help given.
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Got my E470VL from Amazon last night.

Love it so far. Picture is crazy sharp. Haven't really had a chance to play with calibrations yet though.

Hooked my PC up via VGA and was playing Crysis 2 at 1920x1080 with everything on Ultra and DX11 enabled...I was absolutely blown away at how sharp the visuals were. I mean INSANELY sharp to the point where it almost looked 3D.

Xbox 360 hooked up in HDMI1 and no input lag so far. Played Battlefield 3 and COD: MW2 just fine.

PS3 hooked up in HDMI2 and played MLB The Show 11 for about an hour. Very slight input lag if at all. I couldn't tell if my timing was off because I hadn't played in a few weeks or if it was because of the TV, lol.

I would definitely recommend this set to someone.

Only downside is the remote came messed up out of the box. Some buttons work but most don't. I was using my universal remote to go through TV menus after I got it configured properly.
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I recently bought an E470VA from Target, but a few days later noticed the E470VL at Walmart for the same price.

The only major difference is the VA has a 50,000:1 Contrast ratio and the VL has a 100,000:1. Does the higher contrast ratio make that much of a difference to warrant exchanging my VA for the VL?

Also I use my VA at the RETAIL setting, which is the same as the VIVID setting on the VL. I use that mode because I prefer the very bright and vivid colors.

But in the Retail mode it has the Backlight set to 90, which is very high. I was curious if this is bad for the TV to have it set so high like that? I don't want to wear out the bulbs or damage the TV by having it set so high.

Any input would be helpful.
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Having read the forums for several years I believe the contrast ratios mean nothing. So it is not worth returning your tv.

Also having your tv in retail mode is fine. There are no bulbs to replace and it should not damage your tv. Most people here believe that setting would be too brite but if you like it then enjoy it. I prefer it a little brighter when watching sports.
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It's been awhile, but I thought another difference was the VA did not have the additional analog audio connections. I did use those at first. I seem to remember there's also a difference in the gaming setting.
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Got my E470VL from WAlmart last night. Replacing a JVC 36 inch CRT__ don't like moving that thing, very heavy. The Vizio looks great to me and very light.
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I just purchased a E422vl from walmart yesterday...I haven't found ANY info on settings for this tv. Is this a newer version of the 420vl? what's the difference between the two? I have used some of the settings from this forum, but noticed a difference in menu set up and options....(I can shut off the vizio sign if i want)....any help or settings info would be nice. great forum
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<<But in the Retail mode it has the Backlight set to 90, which is very high. I was curious if this is bad for the TV to have it set so high like that?>>

(For some reason my reply didn't post, so I'll try again.) Yes, the Vivid or Retail mode is for store display only. Manufacturers were compelled to offer this artificial mode because so many people lack objective judgment when comparing sets.

If you like it, you like it.

But it WILL age you TV faster. You might try getting used to Standard mode and then adjust the backlight and color to suit you. For my E420VL, my backlight is 65, color 34, brightness and contrast 50, sharpness 8. But I notice that later versions of the "E" series seem to require different settings than mine, plus there are differences in the defaults.

Remember that Brightness adjusts the darker areas of the picture, Contrast the bright areas, and Backlight all of it.

I agree that the claimed contrast ratios mean nothing (except to the marketing department).
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What about the Vizio E472VL?

I can't seem to find much info on it at all. I think its the same as the E470VL except with all the wi-fi and internet functionality. I just bought one yesterday at a great price at Costco.

I think it looks great 'out of the box' but would like to see how other users have some of their custom picture settings to see some differences. I see some custom settings posted in this thread for the 470, just wondering if anyone has any info for the 472 or where I can search.

thanks for any reply posts.
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Anyone here own a Vizio E470VLE? It's a 60hz model sold at Sam's and Costco mostly. I am interested in one but was curious about the 60 hz. I hate the soap opera effect that the 120hz sets have so I figured this 60hz set would do the trick? Just wondering about motion blur on it? I don't watch many sports just usually HD cable shows.

The reviews seems to be really good so it seemd decent.

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I agree RockSolider...I have the same TV and I can find other models but can never seem to find any info on picture settings for the E472VL. If you find any let me know.
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I have had my E420VL for about a year and a half, and when I turned it on today, the picture would freeze and create a burn-in effect, and then go away, but then it did it again a few times. I wasn't sure what it was at first, but I changed the input on the TV and it was still doing it, but it went away when I changed it back. This isn't the first instance of this, and I wonder if the set is starting to go bad. Is this a common problem?
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Unplug the TV for a few minutes and plug it back in. Maybe this will help.
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Lets say I have the volume set at 20. Well when I turn on my TV or unpause my DVR player....the sound on my Vizio goes from mute to back to 20 in a few seconds.

Its like it is warming up? This is very annoying as it can cause me to miss the first seconds of any show I am watching.

Again this happens both when I turn the TV on or when I un-pause something?

Weird huh....is this a setting or do all Vizio TVs do this?
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Originally Posted by SLUDGE View Post

Unplug the TV for a few minutes and plug it back in. Maybe this will help.

Well, it just did it again and I tried that, but I'm not sure if it's gonna happen again. It seems to be intermittent, and I'm not sure what it could be. I wonder if maybe a transformer on the inside is going, and I've never heard of this problem before. I bought this online 2 years ago, and I didn't get a warranty on it. I'm wondering if Vizio isn't a very good brand. The fact that it isn't sold at best buy generally isn't a very good sign. I don't know if this is a common problem, but any help would be appreciated.
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It just did it again today. I called Vizio and they told me to do Clear Memory and they thought maybe this might take care of the problem, but I'm not so sure, as it seems like something inside the television is starting to fail. Have you guys tried this?
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It's a long shot, but verify that your power cord is firmly pushed in on the TV side. I have my tv on a swivel stand, and my connection got lose. I would describe the problem as a picture flashing (happened a couple times in as many weeks), but it would be just as accurate to say the picture froze. It didn't make me think 'power loss' but pushing in the cord stopped the flashing/freezing. Maybe you'll get lucky, too. smile.gif
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I hope I'm not resurrecting an old thread, but I've recently acquired a Vizio E420VL and need a bit of help getting it connected.  


My main problem is in connecting a composite device into the Component connectors.  I have connected the Yellow Composite video connector to the Green (Y) connector on the back of the TV and although I get audio, the video is Black and White.  


Is there a setting I need to change in the TV to get this to work right?  

I really appreciate your help. 



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You're supposed to plug the composite connector into the composite jack, not any of the component jacks.

What you're seeing is actually normal (the Y channel is luminence, so you see a grayscale picture), it's just not what you want.
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According to what I've read, the Component Jacks can be used by a Composite device so long as you connect the Yellow (Video) connector to the Green (Y) connector for video.  I have found many references to this, and one tech explained that this is why the Green connector has the "Y" identifier.  


This truly sucks as this means I can only connect ONE AV Composite unit to my Vizio TV.  

Any one else have input? 

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On some systems you can do this, but not on this line of televisions. I just checked my E550VL menus and couldn't find an option for this.

Y doesn't mean (Y)ellow, it stands for the Y component in YPrPb, which is the analog component setup those jacks are for.

I use a composite switchbox for my oldschool gaming setup. They're really cheap, like $20.
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