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I will get a chance to try out a few different glasses tonight. Myself plus two other friends that have implemented 3D are getting together to screen some 3D and try different glasses out and swap some 3D BD's amungst us.

One guy uses RF glasses he was bringing his emitter and glasses over. I did not even know they existed.

I have DLP-Link - 2 Viewsonic, 4 Xpand red original X102's, 4 new gen blue X102's too I also have 3D Vision glasses (is there a way to use the 3D Vision with a normal emitter and not from a PC USB port?)

The last guy uses Sony brand that he got with his Sony Edge lit LED 3DTV. They have a separate emittier, I can only hope they will work at my house where I use two DLP displays for 3D.
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"One guy uses RF glasses he was bringing his emitter and glasses over. I did not even know they existed."

Could those RF glasses be these: http://www.monstercable.com/productdisplay.asp?pin=5938 I have a pair&transmitter on back-order. The back-order may not be such a bad thing since I'm waiting for a review. I have a HL 67a750 LED DLP. I got an email from Monstervision saying that BB will be selling them. No word from a call to BB.
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There is a review up on youtube right now:
Monstervision Mini Review
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Thanks, need a review using a LED DLP display.
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Pretty sure the RF's are Monster. Not postive though I will know in a few hours here.

Overall? From all I have seen and tried on? I still prefer the Xpand 102's, except for kids. decently light weight, durable, and are confortable wearing over prescription eye wear.
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Well I watched about 12 movies equvelent worth of 3D this weekend.

The guy with the RF's glasses cancelled. the guy with the Sony came over.

Sony Glasses
The Sony emitter is king. It's a big ol horizontle thing and very powerful, the thing syncs glasses down the hall and around the corner completely out of sight of the TV.

The glasses are hard, heavy and uncomfortable though. They do seem of decently solid contruction though. My wife could not wear them over her existing eye glasses at all.

They had an oddity on the sync though, you could not side tilt your head to much or they would lose sync.

DLP-Link - Absolutely no difference between red models and blu X102's as far as we could tell. The DLP-Link X102's are much lighter than the Sony's, and made of a nice soft flexy rubbery material. My wife says they are very comfortable over her existing glasses. They are at the top as far as durable goes as long as you don't break them getting the battery in and out.

Range is limited from my 65" (12' to 13'), but seem unlimited on the 106" screen in the theater. I think they over heat too. 2 hours is about it with them. It's not the battery though, they just seem to over heat, they even seemed a bit hot on our faces after 90 min or so. We were able to use the same pair again for another couple of hours late in the evening.

I also have Viewsonic DLP-Link
Least durable by far, weight was between the Sony and the X102's. Range is a better by about 3' on the 65" display than the 102's. My wife states they do not wear over glasses well. They also did not seem to have the over heating issue either.

Pro's and Con's summary?
The Sony's were king on sync range which genuinely seemed unlimited, but not really king on sync because you could not side title you head to much. The Sony's seemed a little dimmer with not quite as good of a color reporduciton as the FLP-Link glasses.

The DLP-Link X102's had the worst range on the 65" 3D Mitsu, but seemed to have the brightest images, best color reporduciton and seem to allow the most versitile head positioning. In other words I could actually lay down with on and be just fine with synd and PQ. The also were deemed the most comfortable by a mile for my wife who wears them over prescription glasses. They seemed to over heat and start giving odd issues after about 2hours-ish.

The Viewsonic DLP-Link
Had better range on the 65" Mtisu than the X102s, the PQ was maybe a very small notch below the 102's, my wife states that work over prescription glasses but are not comfortable doing so. Overall because they were quite a bit lighter, they were more comfortable overall than the Sony glasses, but not as comfortable as the X102's. I could still lay down with them as far as sync went, but the hard plastic was not comfortable when doing so. They never over heated though, I think I did 4 hours with them on straight which was about all I could take on the comfort level anyways.

I hope this helps anybody considering the different aspects of shutter glasses before purchase.
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whats the difference between
nvidia active shutter glasses
dlp active shutter glasses
what are the chances/choices for substitute nvidia glasses
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