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thanks to many sleepless hours I've finally managed to run my old and good projector at the resolution specified in the subject.
the smoothness improved tremendously when watching bluray (24fps) content.
I've attached the .inf and the .dat used to generate the .inf, the .inf should also work on the vpl-hs51.
now I'm dealing with the overscan, anyone can help me to get rid of it? I've tried to modify the parameters to generate a new .inf that wouldn't cause overscan but I've had no success.
the 16:9 resolution that the projector seems able to manage with no overscan is 1821x512.
unfortunately the ati radeon drivers of my HD 5750 card (I'm using the latest 10.5) don't allow to correct overscan trough the slider when you are using a non-standard resolution.
powerstrip also doesn't work on this card.
these are the parameters I've used in the phoenix edid designer:
Pixel Clk: 74.30
H Active Pxl: 1920
H Blank: 832
H Sync Offset: 640
H Sync Width: 48
H Image Size: 0
H Border: 0
V Active Lines: 540
V Blank: 22
V Sync Offset: 2
V Sync Width: 2
V Image Size: 0
V Border: 0
Interlaced: Checked
in the .inf:
Native/preferred timing.. 1920x1080i at 48Hz
Modeline............... "1920x1080" 74.300 1920 2560 2608 2752 1080 1084 1088 1124 interlace +hsync +vsync
thanks a lot and best regards. 2.005859375k . file