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Onkyo HT-RC180 Zone 2 connection issues

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I have the receiver by my TV and want to dedicate zone 2 to my patio According to the manual for the Onkyo, this should all work with the caveat that when zone 2 is powered, the primary 7.1 drops to only 5.1.

I am doing the same thing as explained in the manual , i have a onkyo htrc180 , a 7.1 setup in my living room , now i bought 2 atrium 5 speakers for my patio , from all the posts and the manual i read ,, the system automatically lowers or powers down the 2 surround back speakers in my living room and the living room becomes 5.1 with one source and the Patio's Zone 2 starts with another analog source , does this mean that i have 2 sets of speaker wires going in the surround back's ? How does the amp know which to power down , if it calculates the distance to know which are zone 2 and which are surrounds from the 7.2 then what if the distance is less to the zone 2 and more to the surrounds ?

Due to this confusion and lack of understanding i have downgraded my 7.1 system to 5 .1 , and connected the zone 2 to surround backs . it is working i can play my tv or any digital source in my living room and can play an analog source in my patio. but i do want to know the workings of hits receiver as to how it knows which 2 to power down .

Another issue with the zone 2 is i cannot see the display on my tv when i try to select the zone 2 source , i presently can power the zone 2 with the receiver built in Pandora radio as its the only analog source , i can see teh source on the receiver led display but it goes in a couple of seconds.

Can i connect my PS3 via the hdmi and a component cable to the receiver thus enabling one more source to my Zone 2 ?
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I think you sort of get what is going on here. If your main room is set up for 7.1 you will be able to use all 7.1 channels. If you have the speakers for zone 2 hooked up to the zone 2 speakons on the back of the receiver you will be using the rear surround amplification for zone 2. Just to clarify. If someone in your main room is watching a 7.1 movie while you are also using zone 2, the movie will only be able to be output in 5.1. The receiver knows that you have zone 2 connected because you have to tell it in the main menu. You could use a dedicated amplifier for zone 2 and avoid this all together. Most zone 2 applications will only accept analogue information. So your PS3 will not work via HDMI.
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thanks for clearing it , but i still dont understand how does the speaker know which are the zone 2 and which are 2 rear surrounds if both the speakers are connected to the same channel on the receiver . to put it other way 2 set of speakers are connetcted to the same port which is surround rear on the receiver if i turn on the zone 2 how does the receiver know out of the 4 speakers connected to the surround rear which set of 2 are zone 2 and which are the part of 7.1 its supposed to power down ?
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When I read your first post I overlooked the fact that you where asking about hooking 2 sets of speakers up to the same binding post. Don't do this. Look at page 115 of your owners manual. It states below the diagram of the room with the picture of the guy sitting on the couch. If you have zone 2 speakers hooked up the rear surround speakers can't be hooked up. If you have zone 3 speakers hooked up you can't have side surround speakers hooked up. This receiver does not have separate binding posts for zone 2 speakers and a separate set of binding posts for rear surrounds. My receiver does. I have an Onkyo TS-XR805. If you want the receiver to power a pair of zone 2 speakers you have to give up your rear surrounds. If you want rear surrounds in your main listening room, I would suggest getting a dedicated amplifier for zone 2 and using your Onkyo as a preamp. That way you can keep the 7.1 in the main listening room. If you only have zone 2 on it is normal for the display to not be on. It only comes on for a few seconds and then goes blank. If you have the main zone on as well as zone 2 the receiver will show information for the main room, and show information for zone 2 for a few seconds on the display. Then it will switch back to zone 1 again on the display.
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Secret Squirrel
Thanks a lot for the info , like in my profession they say Read The freaking Manual , I missed out on that , anyway , like you said I will buy another amp and make my Onkyo a pre amp , that way I can use the 7.1 and Zone 2 , saying that I am not very impressed with my 7.1 in the first place , I bought Flaming lips DVD A , DSOTM on SACD, Love by Beatles on DVD A all are good but not blow you away types , one reason I guess is that all my 4 surrounds are at the ceiling height. Other than that I have done audessey set up couple of times. The only song which is awesome is Time by Pink Floyd.
Recently I visited a friend who had old Yamaha and Bose 501 series and you won’t believe it he powered the amp with his phone and that was sounding pretty decent.
I was in an apartment earlier and I thought the acoustics are not that great but now I bought a house with a room dedicated as a home theater. My listening tastes are vary from Classical to Pink Floyd to World Music ,My next buy is going to be Chris Botti live in Boston DVD A , I hope that blows me away .
Am I expecting too much of my system? By the way I have the Onkyo HTRC 160 and Polk RM series with a HSU sub .

Again thanks for the help ..
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