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Sony Bravia KLV-32S400A Display Settings Help

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Hey everyone i really want to put my tv at its best picture...i have a 360 elite(running through hdmi) and a ps3(running through hdmi too) and i watch alot of bluray movies and game alot, but wherever i go. i.e. shops, their tv settings look awesome, so please would someone share with me their best settings, or ideas i can try!
thanks in advance!
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A good thread to read about the merits of copying settings and how that is not calibration.

You will get better results with a test disc ... even something free like the THX optimodes. Spend the 5 minutes with those.

If somehow you still don't understand the instructions ... come back here and we might help you then.

The other forum display areas are for trading settings ... and you can do that until blue in the face.

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Hey, ive tried looking around etc, and still no proper luck, i run the ps3 and xbox through hdmi 1.4, but yet again the main problem lies where the ps3 graphics do not look too good, ive gone into the display settings of the ps3 and put all the resolutions available, for instance when i play resistance 2 split screen online the graphics have returned to the native resolution of 720p which really look bad!, i dunno if its to do with the settings on the ps3, or the tv, but its really frustrating, buying a console where its supposed to be great graphics etc! where it doesn't look like it lives up to its standards...any help?
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Try the 'PlayStation Area.' This section of the forum is more focused on displays, rather than source devices. Also, here's a link to the section of the forum for fellow owners of your type of display: 'LCD Flat Panel Displays.' You can do a search for your model and solicit help from another user. There are certainly plenty of PS3 owners who also have a Sony LCD TV.
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