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Need help or guidance where to get help on graphics card issues.

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I figured I'd start here first since this issue may be stemmed from multiple areas of my Home Theater setup. My issues is my graphics card (and sound to go with it) need to re-installed via device manager every few days. It seems random and I haven't pin pointed what sets it off. I have noticed when I am using my PS3 and switch my universal remote to view my HTPC the screen is blank when viewing the PC. What I have to do then is Ctrl+Alt+delete to log out then either reboot or go to my device manager and reinstall my graphics card. But it isn't always when I use my PS3, sometimes it is when I leave PC on over night like when I am downloading a large file. This isn't that huge of a deal since I have gotten used to the fastest way to do it but I lose all my graphic cards setting in my ATI Catalyst program.

My setup is as followed

* Home theater PC Specs: Gigabyte P55-U3DR w/ i5-750, Asus ATI Radeon 4650, (The rest is all new but don't think it would apply)
* All my Home Theater components are routed through my Pioneer HD, AV receiver.
* Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit
* HDMI Cables for HTPC, PS3 and Component for DVD (like that matters)

I hope with these details someone can help or at least guide me in the correct direction.

Thanks for reading and thank you in advance for any input.
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Take a look in your energy savings settings and see if the OS is putting them to sleep after a period of time and they are not waking back up. You should be able to set the pci(e) portion on its own in the advanced section.
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as subcob said, try turning off all video/monitor power saving features to see if it helps. If it still occurs, then try turning off all standby features.
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Thanks for the support guys. I think I may have found my answer...unfortunately that is. See I am a bit of a forum whore. When I really need help with something I am a multi-poster. I was told this on another site.


Most likely, what's setting it off is switching HDMI inputs on the receiver while the HTPC is awake, or having a second source (read: not the HTPC's input) selected when it (the HTPC) wakes.
End result is a loss of connection on the videocard's HDMI out (because that input on the AVR isn't active), and a black screen. Reboot fixes the issue.
To the best of my knowledge, there's no way to properly 'fix' the issue - it's a Windows/HDMI oddity.

There is a way to work-around the issue, though. The HDMI Detective. It'll keep an active signal present (so that the HTPC thinks that the 'display' (your AVR) is always connected.
In a perfect world, it wouldn't need to exist. But, it's not a perfect world.


Why does this suck, because the HDMI Detective is $130
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Not saying that can't be your issue, as different hardware acts differently, but I can switch between inputs on my Denon 990 while my HTPC is awake and I do not have this issue. I leave my PC on 24/7 and disable PC & video standby.

I'm using an ATI 5870.
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