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Originally Posted by Ted White View Post

Yea, yea, looks great.
Listen, I don't mean to complain, but there are entirely too few foodie pics these days. rolleyes.gif

I thought people might start complaining if all I posted was other projects and food. I know there are some people chomping at the bit for the rotary sub.....well, by now their teeth have worn down and they are probably gumming the bit.

It's been hot here like most places and I don't like to bake and heat up the house. I've been wanting a wood fired brick oven, but it wouldn't really be legal on our property so I wouldn't want to make it a permanent structure. Although I like the idea of being able to get firewood for free and run it for free, I don't like the idea of it taking 1.5-2 hours to heat up, tending the fire and initial smoke outpt. So this is what I came up with:

It is a brick oven heated by one of those high output turkey frying propane burners. I'm using flagstones for the hearth and top. I don't think the hearth one will last long since it has started to crack. I may replace it with a kiln shelf which should reduce preheat times and make it crack-proof.

The burner heats the hearth and then the hot air goes through the right rear corner of the hearth and then out the front bricks and through all the cracks.

Here is the first loaf of bread from the oven. I made the dough in about 3 hours which is really fast for me.

I made 4 loaves the next week of sourdough with sesame and freshly ground wheat berries. They were outstanding. Only two made it to picture time!

In the oven I've also made a seafood vegetable dish, 4 loaves of sourdough rye with caraway seeds/sesame/wheat berries and some walnut chocolate chip banana bread. This was a really easy and successful project. It only took about an hour to stack the bricks and as long as you have an IR thermometer to read the temp of the hearth you can make some good food.
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MacGyver with an apron! Whoda thunk it?
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Hmmmmmmm...........I can almost smell the bread baking. I can imagine the pesky neighbors coming over to take a whiff or two.

Oh and a pic or two of that "other " project would be nice as well.


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This is the big project that is eating up all my time.

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^^^^And THAT is the project you SHOULD be spending most of your time on. Enjoy.......they grow up much much too fast. Trust me I know. My boys went from babies to Senior and Freshman this year!


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Dad and daughter, and McGyver homemade food; This is excellent, ENJOY!!
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Andreas, I know it's cliché, however it's entirely true,...my daughter was that size merely a short time ago. Now, she's 16,...in but a mere blink of the eye.

I enjoy checking in here, thanks for sharing.
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Thanks guys! I'm with her the whole day so
time doesn't go *that* fast. wink.gif We have fun together and she is an amazing little person.

I had Sunday alone with my helper. It took me about ten hours to finish the last dead vent. We have both side wall frames completely done and most of the rear. I have a few funky shaped ones to do around the dead vent.

It is looking great. Will have pics soon.
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Dead vent guts #1

Dead vent guts #2

Finished dead vent

Teaser pic of panels...I have to hang a bunch more, install the flooring under the panel, hide the speaker wires, paint the supports, install lights, install FG absorption....but it is getting there!
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Those Panels are looking GREAT !!
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Originally Posted by cuzed2 View Post

Those Panels are looking GREAT !!


I can't wait until they are all lit!!!
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Woo fabric time, looks nice!
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+2 Those panels are looking sweet. If the colors are as they appear on my screen (blue, gray, black....ish) I think you have hit a home run and if I'm all wet by my colors on my monitor they still look good together! As for the little one when my twp boys were babies till school age my wife and I worked it out with our jobs that one of us was with the kids all the time. I know most parents here can't do that due to their work requirements, but we were fortunate enough to be able to do that. Boy I do cherish those times with my boys doing all sorts of things. Good times.


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RT: the fabric is pretty close to monochromatic. That is the point since I will have RGB LEDs behind the white panels for general lighting. If they are blue, they will cast the whole room as blue. In essence, my room can be any color scheme.
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Originally Posted by AndreasMergner View Post

RT: the fabric is pretty close to monochromatic. That is the point since I will have RGB LEDs behind the white panels for general lighting. If they are blue, they will cast the whole room as blue. In essence, my room can be any color scheme.

This is going to be so cool! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Will you be using the RGB strip lights?
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Yes, I have the eBay strip LEDs. I forget how many feet, but it is enough to go around the sides and back of the room twice. I will have a top and bottom row of lights in each panel that I can set to different colors for a gradient type effect. It looks great. I have a video and more info buried in the thread somewhere. There is also my YouTube channel under "insaneepp" with a couple videos.
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I just checked out some of the YouTube videos. That is awesome! Andreas, you continue to amaze me with all of your creative ideas and projects. Those panels just went straight to the top of my list for things to definitely include in theater 2.0!

So you are using the LED's as the main lighting in your room. No can lights or sconces?
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I am using them for general lighting and "mood"/accent lighting...but maybe I don't know what I'm talking about. wink.gif I will be using a strip over each row of seating also for task (eating) lighting. I tested them and they fire directly down and shouldn't hit the screen. They are very thin which is good for low ceilings and don't require backer boxes like can lights. I will probably use a piece of beveled 1/4"-3/8" thick wood to cover the LED strip.
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That's awesome Andreas! I like the idea of adding strips above the seating as well.

How are you doing the controllers for each section? I assume that they are the ones with the small credit card remote? Do you have everything off of one or different controllers for each area?
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Yes, I have the 44 key credit card remotes. They all work on every LED controller so you have to point them at the specific one you are targeting. Once you have them setup as far as color, you could use a switch to turn them on and off with the LED power supplies plugged into the switched outlet. That's what I plan to do initially. I also have a USB IR transceiver with 4 transmitters, but I do not know the remotes' codes.

What I plan to do sometime in the future is use an Arduino hooked up to my PC (my HT is run through my PC) that will control and power the LEDs. I can then use either my PC, the lightswitch or an iPod/phone/pad app called Touch Control to adjust lighting. Theoretically I could control each panel individually for some neat effects, but not sure that is worth it.
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The computer control sounds like it will be awesome. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Don't feel like you have to rush to do it though. I've still got at least five years until I purchase my own house. wink.gifbiggrin.gif
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So I watched HALF of Super 8 last night before my wife informed me that I was vibrating the whole house (she was two floors up). Baby didn't wake up so I call that a success. That movie has seriously hot LFE compared to recent movies I've watched. I didn't even have the master volume cranked. I can't wait to watch the rest of it....
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Apparently my wife was being a little dramatic. The bass was felt but not enough to wake the baby (the washer shakes the house more up in the attic).

I still haven't watched the rest of the movie or made much progress because I've been pretty sick. I did receive a window ac unit in the mail today. Since I have a window in the basement right next to the furnace and water heater and just outside the HT, I will put it there. I can then hook up a bit of an air scoop from it to the dehumidifier which will provide the air movement (fan) for the HT ducting through the dead vent. The return will be through the rotary sub enclosure.

Today I should be able to get some fg on the walls for sound absorption.
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I'm really interested in seeing this design in action.

I've skimmed through several pages and, as far as I can tell at the moment, you have yet to complete the actuall rotary woofer, correct?

I see a bunch of enticing pizza and vread photos from your home made stone oven, but do you have any updates on the driver itself? I'll read through more of the thread today...
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Ha ha. That is the big joke. There will never be a rotary sub. It is all talk. wink.gif I do plan to have one. If you check out the link in my sig you can see where I'm at with that part of it. I have a lot on my plate at the moment so progress is slow. I also am favoring having a finished space, and ya know, chairs before finalizing the rotary sub.
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The frame supports are all painted black and the flooring is all trimmed up. The front 2/3rds of the theater side walls has absorption (3.5" of FG) and I don't think the room is too dead by any means. I think I will be treating the whole rear wall with 7" or so of FG along with bass traps in at least one corner and probably eventually along the rear wall/floor intersection.

I finished watching Super 8 tonight. I liked the first half better. smile.gif
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I made the room 3 times better tonight. I put in that AC. Oh man, it doesn't get much better....ahhhhhhh.....
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Jealous! I still haven't gotten around to my A/C
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Climate control for the HT is a wonderful thing isn't it? Makes the experience just that much more enjoyable.


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Brad, I put it off quite a while thinking I could just make it through the summer. The problem is that although the temperature was barely tolerable (not enjoyable), I wasn't able to run my dehumidifier because it makes the air warmer. So, it was warm and humid....but not anymore. Really, all I did was put the window AC in and use a fan to pull the cold air through the open theater door. It worked great. I'll be installing the flexible duct in the next couple of days.

RT: Yes, it is the icing on the cake. Why spend all this time and money on a fancy room and then not have it be the right temperature??
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