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Hi guys,

I've found this thread absolutely FANTASTIC! Before that, I though AkAbak as a not-viable software for my simulations, but now I can model everything and I am really in love with it!

Just one question comes to my mind: if I would like to simulate a car audio subwoofer response INSIDE of the vehicle, where the environment closed volume is small compared to box volume and have its effect on the response, is it possible in AkAbak to "tell" to the software that the subwoofer is located inside a bigger box, and place the mic somewhere inside this big box?

I'm Italian, so I hope you can get what I mean with my English.

What I would like to get is a plot of frequency response measured at the fron window of the car, giving to AkAbaK all needed measures (clearly we must virtually consider the inside of the car as a squared small room, but even with this approximate of shape the results should be good).
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the major problem with trying to do that is getting the cabin leakage and absorption losses. Unless your vehicle is airtight and made of lossless walls that are infinitely rigid, it will be almost impossible to determine these things. The walls of a vehicle flex too much for the "lossless" approach to be close to valid---just look at how windows and roofs flex with multi-thousand watt systems.
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The best thing to do is take a small sealed subwoofer and measure it at a known drive level at 1m outdoors and the again with it inside the vehicle. Subtract the outdoor response from the in cabin and you will have a good picture.
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This is a very useful thread. I am an Akabak beginner.

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Cool resource here!
Thanks for posting this.
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