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HD Processing Question

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Okay...so I'm just now piecing together my first home theater. Making the transition from a 1992 32" Zeinith that finally died. I've chosen the tv, front two floor standing speaks, and an av receiver. The receiver is the entry onkyo ht-rc260. So, here's my n00b question:

What is the HD processing difference between hooking up my HDMI cable from cable box directly into the TV, versus hooking from the cable box to the receiver. Is there a quality difference? I realize the first will require more HDMI cable, but with all of the connection options, I have no idea which yields the best signal! Will this try to upconvert my signal, despite already being HD? Does the receiver process the signal? I think overall, I'll have around 10 HDMI connections to contemplate...

I haven't actually set up anything yet, as the shipments are still in route... But these questions i'm pondering..
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It depends on the AV Receiver, I suggest you read up on the options for your model under the Receivers section. Some just pass through the video untouched, others may try to process it depending on your settings.


Ideally the easiest route is to hook your source components up to the AV Receiver so it can be used to switch sources and also process sound from the HDMI stream. As long as the AV Receiver is just passing through the signal, the PQ will be the same with HDMI being digital.
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This is the receiver you mentioned:


It describes both analog upconversion to HDMI, and HDMI upconversion to 1080p. It is using Faroudja upconversion which is not top of the line, so whether you would want to take advantage of that for incoming 1080i signals depends on the comparable quality of the upconversion in the television. You didn't mention what the TV is.

In any case, it is likely a situation where you should try it both ways, with 1080p upconversion turned on, and compared it with it turned off and see which is better or different.

If you turn off upconversion so the ONkyo is acting solely as an HDMI switcher, there should be no impact on video quality assuming the HDMI circuitry in the Onkyo aren't clipping (which is possible but these days I think unlikely).
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