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Originally Posted by paul scarpelli View Post

if i had paid retail? You don't wanna know...

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Here's what I can remember of mine:

Marantz 5050D Plasma
Chief Static Wall Mount for Plasma
Marantz VP11S1 projector plus mounts and hush box
Stewart Firehawk 110" electric screen plus remote control
McIntosh MX135 AV Controller
McIntosh MC207 Amp
Esoteric DV-60 universal disc player
Escient SE-D1 Movie Manager
Sony 400 Disc CD/DVD changer
Universal Remote MX-3000 plus multizone receiver
Sherbourn LDS 2/75 Amp (for adjoining game room)
Sonance 621 speaker (for adjoining game room)
Furman IT Reference 20 Power Conditioner
Furman PST-6 Power Station
Aerial Acoustics Model 9 (L/R) + stands
Aerial Acoustics Model CC-5 (Center) + stands
Aerial Acoustics SR3 (two surrounds)
Sonance VRS2 (balance of surrounds; in ceiling)
JL Audio F112 Fathoms (two)
HD Media Box 100 + 300gb hard disk
Middle Atlantic Rack + rack light
MIT cables
XBox 360
Gefen HDMI switch
multi-choice, multizone lighting system
room treatments
two theater couches and three theater chairs

Cost? Lets just say its one of the world's more expensive, and nicer, XBox systems, which seems to be the dominant use of the room.

Also have a more modest theater upstairs, including a Sharp LC52SE94U 52" lcd, Dali Mentor 6 speakers (L/R), Sharp bluray player, Cambridge Audio Azur 740 Amp, Furman Elite 15i power conditioner, MX-880 remote, cables, etc.

The enjoyment is priceless, but renders me Porsche-less.
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era D5 L/C/R $1300
era D3 Surr. $300
Harman Kardon AVR 7300 $800
Monitor Audio ASW 210 subwoofer $500 (10 years ago, that's a guess)
Rhapsody music service $9.95 per month

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I gave the price of my dedicated room, but I also have a family room HT system

Marantz VP12S4 projector with extended warranty
106" Dalite High Power screen
Sony 50" RPTV with extended warranty
Onkyo 805 AVR
RBH 661-SE speakers (3)
RBH SI-760 speakers (4)
ED A7S-450 with 1,300 watt amp
Monoprice 4x2 matrix HDMI switch
Monoprice cables
Gas strut powered projector pedestal (DIY)
Sand filled marble speaker stands
HD Tivo box

About $10,000, not counting custom built-in for equipment or room. I spent a lot more money on the family room set-up, but the dedicated room is much better.
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I recently sold all of my speakers and started over.

Samsung 40" LCD $850
PS3 Slim $300
Denon AVR-3311ci $900
Klipsch RB-51 $320
Klipsch RC-52 $250
SVS SB-12NSD $682 (When it gets here)

All my cables are AudioQuest from when I worked at a speciality shop.

I live in an apartment now, I do have a pair of Klipsch RF-35's that I'll get out of storeage for front L/R duty after I get a house. I paid $800 for these new back in 03
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Here's a spreadsheet I've been keeping tally with.

The stuff in gray has been replaced/upgraded/sold.

Also add in ~$5,800 for "hardware" (dimmer switches, paint, acoustic treatments, lights, etc.) and ~$4,800 for furniture and ~$5,000 for subcontractors and you end up with about 30K.
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I'm a cheap old bastard. I bought the Cascade speakers through ebay from Harman Audio. Three of the speakers - and the sub - were brand new. All are in perfect condition.

I have ~$1300 into them - retail they would have been closer to $4000 or so.

I've been through quite a few speaker setups looking for the right sound including Emotiva speakers which weren't too bad - but I ended up where I left off - with Infinity speakers. I've had an Infinity setup for 10 years - Interludes - IL50s (sold em) IL40s (bedroom - not for sale) IL30s (sold) and a JBL Studio S-center. I love the Infinity CMMD tweeter which is why I've gone back to Infinity. And the flat panel woofers on the Cascades are very good - transients are quick and detailed.

Anyway my current setup is:

Integra DHC 40.1 ...........................$1000
Emotiva UPA-7 ..................................625
Oppo BDP 80 .....................................315 (back-lit remote)

Infinity Cascades 5.1 speakers:

3 x 3V bookshelf speakers ..................625
2 x model 5 bookshelf ........................315
Model 15 sub (music) .........................360

Elemental Designs A5-350 ..................600
Vizio 42" 1080i (4 years ago).............1100

Total comes in right at .....................$4000

The ED sub is only used for movies - the Cascade 15 is a sealed design and very good for music - I have it on for movies as well. Not to say the ED sub isn't but the Cascade is very good. I get plenty of bass between the two!

The bedroom setup is 2 channel with a Harman Kardon 3390 and HK DVD 38 player - usually only music is played on it - and a 32" Vizio 720P display - speakers are Infinity Interlude IL40s. Cost is ~$1300. Speakers are the main cost there - IIRC I paid $799 for them (on sale of course) from Magnolia Hi-Fi in 2000-2001. It isn't likely I'll ever sell the IL40s. No sub is required with the IL40s but I have a 12" sub that I can turn on if I want.

The only thing I'll be updating anytime soon is the living room display. And no - no 3D for this household!
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Prices are estimates/by memory, and could be off by 10s of %. The listed prices are more likely to be higher than lower what was paid. In some cases, the prices include overseas shipping (but only when that beat out local prices for equivalent products).

Projector: Mitsubishi HC5000.........$2,800
+ ceiling mount..............................$200
Screen: Carada 100inch...................$800

Receiver: Onkyo TX-NR1007..........$1,000
Power amp: Emotiva XPA-5...........$1,000
HTPC: DIY (current specs).............$1,000
Gaming: Wii+accessories.................$500
TV: satellite box+dish......................$300
Rack: DIY......................................$400

- fronts: B&W 683s.......................$1,600
- centre+srrnd back: B&W 685s.........$600
- front wides: B&W 685s...................$600
- surrounds: Behringer B2031Ps........$200
- subwoofer: Emotiva Ultra 12..........$500
- stands (DIY+generic brand)...........$200

Acoustics: DIY treatment.................$200
Testing: SPL meter.........................$200
Wiring: (generic brands).............unknown (but strictly curbed)
Power: UPSs+transformers..............$600

That seems to add up to.............$12,600 (+wiring)

(And, add to that unRAID servers and networking.)


I was quietly hoping for less than $10,000, but

Enjoyment+mesmerized kids......priceless
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Less than what I'd really like to spend, and more than my wife will ever know...

(Actually, she's up on it, and very forgiving of my hobbies. Buying her a grand piano a few years ago helps, as does our European vacation last year that she championed; in fact, I think she owes me! Hmmm... )
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Dang I thought I spent a lot.
Yamaha RX-V665-320 shipped
Jamo HCS406 5.0- 250 shipped
TSC T-100 - 160 shipped
DefTech PF15- free
Optoma HD65- 400 bestBuy clearance
Painted screen- 100 (sprayer was 80)
Cables, mounts - monoprice 60
PS3- 400

1270$ not bad. No furntiure yet, and no acoustical treatments yet.

I spent more on my living room 52 Sammy LCD (1750 clearance from CC)
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TV - 50" Samsung Plasma
Receiver - Denon 1910
Sub - MFW-15
Speakers - 4 Mythos 1 for fronts and rears, Mythos 8 for center
Monoprice wiring

I bought everything new, the total cost was a little less than $2500
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My system costs are all in australian dollars (since i am from Australia lol)
Marantz SR6003 $1800
Hitachi HD 50" Plasma $3500
Panasonic DMP-BD60 $249
Denon 500AE 5 disc CD player $399
Marantz DVD8400 SACD player (cant remember but it was over $1000 at the time)
Rotel RB-1552 power amp $1000
Accension main speakers (custom made) $3000
Accension Centre Speaker $900
Castle Satellite rear speakers $800
Furniture around $1200

hmm too much hahahaha. Looks better when i convert to $US
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1. Anthem D2 Processor (1) $7,500
2. Anthem P2 amplifiers (2) (powers main lines) $6,000
3. Anthem MCA30 amplifiers (2) (powers subwoofers) $3,000
4. Emtiva UPA-7 (1) (powers center speaker) $650
6. Usher Audio R-6.0 6-ch amplifier (1) (powers surrounds) $3,000
7. Behringer DCX2496 digital crossover (3) $900
8. DIY woofers (2) $3,000
Dayton Dayton RSS390HF 15" woofer (12 per woofer system)
9. DIY Main speakers (2) $2,000
Dayton RS150T-8 6" Reference Woofer Truncated (18 per speaker)
Aurasound NSW2-326-8A-120 2" (42 per speaker)
10. DIY Center speaker (1) $1,800
Dayton RS150T-8 6" Reference Woofer Truncated (20)
Aurasound NSW2-326-8A-120 2" (50)
Tang Band 13-1761S 1/2" Silk Dome Tweeter (132)
11. DIY surround speakers (4) $600
Dayton RS150T-8 6" Reference Woofer Truncated (1 per speaker)
Dayton RS28AS-4 1-1/8" Aluminum Dome (1 per speaker)
Dayton TW-0.25BK 0.25 ft³ 2-Way Cabinet (4)
12. DIY rear speakers (2) $200
Peerless 6" and Vifa DX tweeter (old DIY pair that was laying around)
13. DIY 144” 2.4:1 curved screen (1) $500
Dalite Cinema Vision 1.3 gain
14. JVC DLA-HD1 Projector (1) $5,500
15. Prismasonic anamorphic lens (1) $2,500
16. Berkline recliners (11) $6,600
17. DIY acoustic panels (numerous) $500
18. MX450 remote + RF + light switches $700
19. Cables, speaker mounts, stands misc hardware… $1,000
Total $45,950

A couple items I got a little cheaper. The Usher Audio amplifier was purchased in Taiwan for about half the US retail price. The rest of the electronics are not too far off what I actually paid. The DIY speakers and screen prices are all based on my approximate cost of materials not including anything for time. The screen would have been considerably more for a commercially built comparable. There are no comparable speaker systems to the subwoofers, mains, or center so estimating a retail value would be impossible. It would certainly be many times more than the cost of materials.

Edit: If I had discovered Emotiva a little earlier I would have saved a lot on amplifiers without loss of sound quality. In fact I'm in the process of redesigning my main lines to include the 1/2" tweeters like the center speaker and the shading of the CBT... everything but the curve. This will require 7-ch amplifiers for each the left and right speaker so the Anthem P2's will be replaced by Emotiva UPA-7's. No reason to change the MCA-30's on the woofers but Emotiva XPA-3's would certainly work well in that application.

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Panasonic 54 s1 - 1450 - amazon
panny bluray bd60 - free with tv
denon 1610 - 250 - dakmart
pinnacle microbust 5.1 system - 350 - dell
xbox 360
bello stand - free from dad
monoprice for wires.

Nice little system, blows away anything my college buddies have. love playing xbox 360 and watching blurays. plan on getting a larger sub sometime this fall! total price - $2500...for now
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My HT is now mostly complete:

5 Sierra 1 used + 2 wall mounts for surrounds 1850 used
tv stand 100 used
front speaker stands (sanus 26 inch) 90 (probably paid too much)
panasonic 50g20 1040
onkyo rc180 530
rythmik f12 sub 800
logitech 620 remote 60
assorted cables ~100

Total (so far) 4570

For the immediate future I am planning to build a HTPC for movie and music playback. Will probably add 6-700 to the total, so the total should come to a little over 5k
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DVD's = ~$22,000.00
BD's = ~ 3,000.00
CD's/SACD's = ~ 9,000.00
HD-DVD's ~ 1,000.00
X/PS Games 4,000.00

Estimated Software Cost = $39,000.00 and building

Hardware Cost = NOTHING IS OVER! You just can't turn it off! (John Rambo)
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That is more then a few disks!!!! How many storage racks ??
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The DIY speakers and screen prices are all based on my approximate cost of materials not including anything for time

Your speakers would be another $15K
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Thread Starter 
Wow!! I have to say.. All of you really love your sound! Its incredible to hear the $$ thats gone into audio components.. I guess i'm on the low low side of the curve!
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I have several systems, but this is my largest, most expensive system. I also have a Klipsch system with Kg4 mains, RS-3 surrounds, KV3/KLF-C7 center, ACI Saturn low sub, Klipsch SW8 mid-sub. A third system uses five Legacy Gallery in-walls. I also have a couple more 5.0 speaker systems. The speakers systems are Scandyna Minipods, PSB Alpha Intro, Emotiva ERM-1, Klipsch GMX-D5.1 multi-media, Klipsch KSB-3.1/KSB-2.1/KV2. I love speakers!

Sony KDL52XBR6 LCD TV $4500.00
Sony STR-D5300ES Receiver 1800.00
Legacy Focus Main speakers 5600.00
Legacy Silver Screen Center 1849.00
T&A P-30 rear surrounds 2500.00
Klipsch RS-3 side surrounds 499.00
PS3 80GB PS2 copmatable 600.00
Monster 3500MKII conditioner 400.00
Belo' LCD mount/stand 300.00
Yamaha M-65 (bi-amp mains) 800.00
Ashley Ent Center 750.00
Emotiva XPA-5 5ch amp 800.00
cables 1800.00

Total $22198.00
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B&W 804S         $3,899.99
B&W HTM3S        $2,426.76
B&W 685            $631.30
Sunfire Sig EQ     $950.00
Yamaha RX-663      $399.95
Emotiva XPA-5      $843.73
Xbox 360 + 120GB   $320.97
HTPC             $3,600.00
Maxent 42"Plasma $1,605.00
Cables BlueJeans+Monoprice+RadioShack $300.00
So around the $15,000 mark not counting music, movie, game collection. Last time I added up my CD collection it was around $5600 but that only accounts for half my music as I mainly purchase music online these days.... Have no idea on movies...too lazy to count my movies and also games...
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Samsung 40" LCD TV: $1300
Dynaudio Contour 1.3 SE speakers: $3850 (special order)
Pioneer BDP-51FD Blu Ray: $600
Yamaha S1800-DVD: $500
Krell KAV-400xi amp: $2500
Arcam FMJ CD17: $1000.00

$9750, not including my vinyl rig and CDs, DVDs and Blu Rays. Let's not forget cables and a "nice rack".

Not bad for a two channel home theater!
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OMG..........the cost of building my dedicated room is staggering, let alone the AV equipment!

I'm wondering if Paul could give me an Obama-esk Triad economic relief fund? Seems fitting...........
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I forgot to add that I have another setup in the family room. Mostly a scaled-down version of what's in the theater (52" LCD instead of a projector, smaller speakers, lower power amp, etc.)

I'll put together a spreadsheet for that one, too.
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Current system:

60" Pioneer KRP-600M
Paradigm Signature S1 v.2 fronts
Paradigm Signature C1 v.2 center
Paradigm Signature ADP1 v.2 surrounds
Paradigm Signature SIG-1.5R-30 ceiling rears
Paradigm Servo-15 v.2 subwoofer
Onkyo SR-875 receiver
Sunfire TGA-7400 400x7 amplifier
Oppo BDP-83 universal bluray player
Sonos 6-zone distributed audio system(and associated ceiling and outdoor speakers)

All I can say is I got everything 20-30% off retail on average, aside from Sonos which is difficult to get at any significant discount! It was more than most on this thread and less than some. I don't want to total it all.
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Below are what currently in my main system:

Actual Retail
Bryston SP1.7 Pre: 3500 4200
Aragon 3005 Amp: 2000 4000
Benq W5000 projector: 2500 2500
Vutec 110" Silverstar: 2100 2700
Oppo 83SE: 900 900
Paradigm 100 v2: 1500 1900
Paradigm CC v2: 400 600
Paradigm ADP v2: 700 900
DIY Dodecasub: 1000 1000 (or 5000?)
SMS-1 Sub Eq: 400 400
EP2500 Sub Amp: 300 300
UPS + Line Cond: 300 300
DIY silver spkr cables: 220 220 (or 3600?)

Total: 15820 19920

The oldest equipment there must be the Paradigm speakers at about 9 years old. I just replaced the 3 LCR tweeters last month (for $62) and they are like sparkling new again.

For your laughter , nine years ago, 12ga OFC speaker wire would have cost $1/ft. Three 12ft long bi-wire cables for the LCR would have cost me $72 plus the cost of the 12 connectors. By going DIY and paying just double (I know some of you are laughing now), I got 99.99% pure silver speaker cables. PM me if you want the link to the instructions, or... pictures, hahah Seriously, now days, with wire costing less than $0.20/ft and a pack of connectors for 5 bucks there would have been no other considerations.

Hope I just helped starting your good weekend
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Onkyo TX-NR1007,
Onkyo DV-SP1000,
Onkyo DV-HD805,
Onkyo BD-SP807,
Onkyo DS-A3,
Onkyo TA-RW411,

Paid $2670 , Retail $5960

Yamaha Speakers
Velodyne CRT12,
Polk RT15,

Paid $3050 Retail $5250

Samsung 50" Plasma,

Paid $1100 Retail $1400

Whalen Stand,
Blue Jean Cables,
Harmony 1100 Remote,
D-Link DGL-4500 Router,
Dell Studio 1537

Paid $2770 Retail $2950

So I paid a total of $9590 for all my gear and would have paid $15560.

Sure glad I didn't pay retail.
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Tv - 60" LG Plasma 60PS60 - $1500
Speakers - 5 x Michaura (an Axion M22 clone) - $250
Receiver - Sony STR-DG820 - $250
Sub - SVS 25-31 PCi - $350
Bluray - Insignia WBRDVD - $80
HTPC - $450
original xbox, modded - now used for games
speaker stands, wire, cables - $50

The Michaura speakers are from uBid when they were being cleared out, at $50 each (out of which $22 is shipping) were an unbeatable bargain. I bought the SVS used, its overkill for my apt! The tv and receiver were bought using Bing cashback.

I've replaced the tv and receiver last year when I moved to hdmi. Am tight on money so I put this together with bargains but it still sounds and looks awesome and I really don't feel any need to upgrade (as long as I don't come here).
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List the prices that you actually paid for the stuff. Not what you think it is worth or what it goes for retail or MSRP. Shoot if I used MSRP then my downstairs system would be nearly $30,000 rather than $10,000. Actual cost tells people here more what to expect or what they can do, if putting a system together. It is not how much you spend, but what you get for your money and how well you can put it all together. I am more proud of my upstairs (cheaper) system than I am of the downstairs system. It is a much, much better movie experience for a lot less money.
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Aperion Audio Bookshelf speakers:........$1730
* 6B
* 5B
* 6C

The Speaker Company:.........................$380
* T-250 subwoofer
* IO-6BL exterior speakers

Music Hall 2.2 .......................................$450
Speaker stands ....................................$200
Panasonic - DMP-35...............................$130
Cables etc .............................................$70
Onkyo 806............................................$550
Nintendo WII.........................................$200
Panasonic TVTH-58PZ700U 58" (2008)...$2750
Total: $6460
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