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I got started in this hobby in March 2009 and bought my last piece in April 2010. When I walked into a hifi shop for the first time in March 2009, I told the salesman that I was not interested in buying $20,000 worth of gear. Little did I know how hooked I'd become after hearing Classe and McIntosh components connected to B&W speakers and end up spending more than twice that amount! I've spent literally 100's of hours in research and checking for 'deals' on Audiogon and Ebay, daily.

Used gear was mostly purchased from Audiogon and a few pieces from Ebay. New gear was purchased from authorized dealers. I've been fortunate to have positive buying experiences with every purchase.

I put together 3 systems; one for my main theater, one for the bedroom, and one for my son. Negotiating with private sellers and authorized dealers saved a lot of money and I made some good friends, too. My next purchase will be B&W 803D floor standing speakers and B&W HTM2D center for my main system.

Main System: MSRP=$51,221 paid $32,953 (36% off)
McIntosh MX136 pre/pro floor demo MSRP $10,000, paid $6000 to authorized dealer
McIntosh MC 205 new amp MSRP $7000, paid $5000 to authorized dealer
McIntosh MC402 floor demo MSRP $7000, paid $5000 to authorized dealer (plus tax on all 3 McIntosh components=$1275)
McIntosh TM-1 tuner module for MX136 MSRP $500, paid $353 (ebay)
Audioquest Columbia XLR IC's (5) new MSRP $1000, paid $625 to authorized dealer
Audioquest Rockefeller double biwire 8' MSRP $1700, paid $575 (MSS HIFI)
Factory Reterminated into two sets of single biwire for $220
Audioquest Mont Blanc biwire 3' MSRP $468, paid $215 (Audiogon)
Audioquest HDM1-3 silver MSRP $225, paid $89 (Audiogon)
Denon 3800BDCI disk player new close out MSRP $2000, paid $579 to authorized dealer (Listenup)
Audioquest Diamondback IC’s (5) MSRP $473, paid $295 to authorized dealer
Grado Gold 1 turntable cartridge MSRP $350, paid $250 to authorized dealer
Technics Turntable new, MSRP $750, paid $450 (Musician’s Friend)
B&W 803S speakers MSRP $6000, paid $3600 (Audiogon)
B&W 805S speakers MSRP $2900, paid $1620 (new, Audiogon auction/authorized dealer)
B&W N-HTM2 MSRP $1000, paid $532 (Audiogon)
B&W FS-805 Stands MSRP, $700, paid $325 (Ebay)
B&W ASW700 sub MSRP $1300, paid $690 (Audiogon)
Panasonic 58" 850U Plasma MSRP $3900, paid $2900 delivered (Best Buy)
Calibration paid $250
Wall mount $195
Component Cabinet MSRP $750, paid $650
Cooler Guys cabinet fans $120
Electrical contractor for installation of 2 dedicated 20 amp outlets $593
Jensen VRD-1FF Cable TV ground isolator paid $50 (Tech Torst)
HDMI cables (3 more) MSRP $250, paid $150
Monster Surge protector $79 X 2, paid $158
Optical cables $135
Radio Shack SPL meter $59

Bedroom System: MSRP=$7550, paid $4357 (42% off)
Rotel RSX1058 5.1 surround receiver new, MSRP $2000, paid $990 to authorized dealer going out of business
B&W 705 speakers MSRP $1700, paid $400 (Audigon)
B&W FS-700 stands MSRP $400, paid $205 (Ebay)
B&W HTM61 new, MSRP $650, paid $650 to authorized dealer
B&W LM-1 speaker surrounds MSRP $375 paid $198 (Audiogon)
Panasonic BD55 MSRP $375, paid $225 (Best Buy)
Samsung LN40A630 HDTV MSRP $1800, paid $1439 (Circuit City)
Cooler Guys cabinet fans $100
HDMI cables paid $150

My Son’s System: MSRP=$8422, paid $5096 (40% off)
Audioquest Sidewinder IC's (5) MSRP $300, paid $106 to authorized dealer
B&W 804S speakers MSRP $4500, paid $2200 (Audiogon)
Marantz SR-5004 Surround Sound Receiver new, MSRP $850, paid $549 (Accessories4less)
Emotiva XPA-5 amp MSRP $824, paid $824
B&W CM Centre MSRP $650, paid $350 (Audiogon)
B&W LM-1 speaker surrounds with floor stands MSRP $500, paid $269 (Ebay)
PS3 paid $499
Definitive Technology Sub paid $199
Cooler Guys cabinet fans $100

Total for all 3 systems MSRP $67,259, paid $42,472 (37% off)
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Receiver: Onkyo 906 - $1,200
Center: Sierra-1 - $438
Mains: Sierra-1 - $848/pair
Surrounds: Sierra-1 $848/pair
Subwoofer: SVS PB12-Plus - $1150
TV: Samsung LN52A750 - $1,850
Cables: Various - $150
Remote Control: Harmony One (2 of them) - $317
Blue Ray Player: LG BD590 - $199
Shipping on it all: Priceless! (can't count that high)

Total - $7,000
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^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Pictures Please^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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Samsung LN52B750 - $2100 (08/2009)
Onkyo HTRC180 - $780
Energy RC70 - $500 /each
Energy RCLCR - $300
Energy RC10 - $300 / pair
Rythmik F12SE - $900
Sony PS3 Slim - $300
Total: $5680

Cables, surge Protector and speaker stands don't recall specifics, but add probably another $300 so about $6000 total.
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47LG50 - $1500
Xbox 360 - $300
LG BD570 - $185
Denon 591 - $350
Polk RTi6 - $340
Polk RTi4 - $150
Assorted wiring - $50 (guess)


That's current equipment, just axed an HTIB to get the Denon and Polks.

At first I was thinking I was at less than $1000 (because I'm just thinking about my most recent upgrade), but then DING, I'm staring at this TV and xbox that I paid $1800 for 2 years ago, lol.
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Gear alone was about $7000.


Onkyo 906 for receiver
Paradigm DSP-3400 for subwoofer
Panasonic G-series 50inch plasma

.....plus lots more.
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JVC HD 350 projector $3500
120 wide screen $1200
Marantz AV8801$3600
Parasound A51 $4500
Parasound A21 $2400
Bluray Denon 3800 $1600
Monster power HTPS 7000 stabilizer $750
Monster Power Voltage stabilizer AVS2000 $550 ebay
Dali Helicon 300 MKII $4000
Dali Helicon 300 $3000
Dali Helicon C200 MKII $2750
Dali Ikon on-walls $800

Dali Epicon 6 $14000
SVS duel sub $2100
Misc cables and UPS systems $2000
Moving walls and power $3500
Carpet/installed $1000
Leather Belkin power seating for 3 $1650
Authentic autographed Movie posters $15,000 don’t ask, was worth it to me. And yes, I was there to get some ”not all” of them signed.
Remote lighting $200
Total without posters $35,500
With posters $50,500

Just upgraded one pair of 975's to Dali Ikon 7's $1,300. All of the Boston Acoustics will be replaced with Dali's. Dalis and a lot of other gear replaced. Also add 2 file servers with 10 2tb drives and a Mac mini HTPC.


lol, just replaced almost everything....

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Denon 4310CI $600
Mitsubishi 73733 DLP $500
APC H15 Power conditioner $150
Martin Logan Preface front mains $600
Martin Logan Encore TF rears $324
DIY 500watt/ea sub X 2 $420
LG BD570 BDP $170
Toshiba A35 HD DVD $135
Sony DVD recorder (no tuner) $35
Total: $2934
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55" LCD Hitachi, few years old - $2500

Remainder of gear over the last year or so...

VSX-1120 - $575
Aperion 6T/C/5DB/12II, 5.1 system - $2850
Oppo 93 - $550
SVS eq1 - $450
Rogers PVR - $400
Harmony remote - $100
Odds & Ends - $100

Total $7,525

Old 2.0 system upstairs, and 32" LG LCD in the bedroom, but main HT is as above.
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Here's what I've amassed the past 36 months. It's a mix of new and old. I have some other odds and ends but not worth mentioning. Everything new is with good 'ol 13% sales tax.

Panasonic TC-P50s30---$900
Denon AVR2311CI---$505
Sony BDP 370---free
Athena Technologies AS-F2 x 2---$200
Athena AS-F1 x 2---$140
Athena AS-C1 / AS-B1 x 2---$80
Premier Acoustic PA-120 x 2---$650
Yamaha AVC-50---free
Yamaha CDC-605---free


I'm good with this for now as I'm quite satisfied with the results. Just bought new white reclining couch and reclining chair, new tv stand, getting the whole room painted top to bottom and purchased all the necessary for some acoustic panels...fewh. Everything should be in place in a month or so

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My HT system is very budget but extremely satisfying:

Epson HomeCinema (PowerLite) 6100 ($1,100)
Denon 2311CI Receiver ($799)
B&W 685 ($650)
B&W AS608 ($449)
Bear Paint (silver/grey, flat) $15 (painted my own wall)
Omnimount and cable channels ($100)
PS3 ($299)

Total of less than $3,500 with very good results. Granted, it's only 2.1 sound, but will add center and rears over time. Next upgrade will be a real screen, followed by rears and center. Once that's in place, likely in 2-3yrs, it's time to get state of the art, modern projector.
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Originally Posted by EnCar View Post

My HT system is very budget but extremely satisfying:

Epson HomeCinema (PowerLite) 6100 ($1,100)
Denon 2311CI Receiver ($799)
B&W 685 ($650)
B&W AS608 ($449)
Bear Paint (silver/grey, flat) $15 (painted my own wall)
Omnimount and cable channels ($100)
PS3 ($299)

Total of less than $3,500 with very good results. Granted, it's only 2.1 sound, but will add center and rears over time. Next upgrade will be a real screen, followed by rears and center. Once that's in place, likely in 2-3yrs, it's time to get state of the art, modern projector.

You think yours is budget, mine is even moreso:

TV: Samsung LN40A530 $800
BD/Game: Playstation 3 $299
Gaming: Nintendo Wii $199
Gaming: Playstation 2 $99
Set top: Cox Cable Explorer 3250 HD $10 monthly
AVR: Denon AVR-1911 $449
Front Speakers: Sony SS-B3000 $75 pair
Center Speaker: Sony SS-CN5000 $70
Rear Speakers: Sony SS-B1000 $45 pair
Total cost: $2046 +$10/month.

I am only missing two components: a subwoofer (most likely a BIC-F12) and an HT computer. The subwoofer I'm going to wait for a while. The HT computer I am going to convert my current desktop over. Just need to max out the RAM and put the best HDMI based video card the specs can handle.

I am also planning to upgrade the monitor sometime in the next year or two. I would like to get a 55" Sony HX929 or whatever the equivalent will be next year.
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Boston vs 325: $349 (Vanns)
Boston VS 260 x 4: $996 (Vanns)
SVS pc-12 NSB: $ 660 (b-stock from SVS)
Pioneer sc-35: $749 (costco)
URC MX-880: $149 (ebay)

total cost: $2932. Enough to keep me happy until the next bout of upgrade fever
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Panny 50 in plasma--$1400
Epson 720hd-$625
DaLite screen-$100
Denon 1910-$500
Xbox 360-$299
Sony bluray player-$100
Paradigm monitor 9s-$800
Paradigm CC290-$365
Paradigm mini monitors-$335
Hsu STF-2-$350
Apple Tv 2-$99
Mono price Hdmi switch-$50

Grand total :$5322

Prices are what I actually paid. Not retail.

Not including $1150 for the iMac I stream all of my media off of and the multiple terabytes of storage. Or the Harmony One I got for free.
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Awesome sales it must be!
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Panasonic 65in plasma-1699
Viewsonic Pro 8100-1099
Onkyo 809-699
Oppo 83-499
Toshiba XA2-499
Plasma stand-1500
2 Klipsch-RF-82II-850
2 Klipsch-RB-61II-300
1 Klipsch-RC-52II-250
Total =7398.00
All sale prices
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I'm actually doing this because I'm curious LOL...

Sony 46 HX929 XBR - $2200
B&W 5.0 CM setup (CM9s, CM5s, CMC2) - $5,000
Pioneer Elite SC57 - $1,600
JL Fathom F112 sub - $2,750
Acurus 200X3 amp - $400
Acurus 250A amp - $400
XBOX 360/PS3/Yamaha CD player/Sony 300CD player - $1,500
Acoustic treatments/bass traps - $1,000
Electronic reclining theater seats - $1,000
Custom TV stand - $400
Custom A/V rack - $400
Entire Blu-Ray/CD/game collection - $2,500
Monster Surge supressor HDP1650 - $100
High end speaker wire/all cables etc - $250
Popcorn machine (LOL) - $100
Harmony 1100 - $200

~~~$19,000 oh god LOL.
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ZIEGLJ01 COME ON DOWN! Youre the next contestant on the showcase showdown!
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I prefer to not even think about it. Scary numbers, especially after someone mentioned the media itself...

Over 600 dvds, about 150 or so bluray discs, nearly 200 Xbox360 games, countless hundreds of orig. Xbox and PS2 games, plus my embarassingly extensive vintage gaming collection.
If i broke out a calculator, i'd hang myself
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Originally Posted by Theonetruegreg View Post

ZIEGLJ01 COME ON DOWN! Youre the next contestant on the showcase showdown!

If this is the prize, behind the door?
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I was thinking about this for a couple weeks as I am up for getting a bigger display. Current is 55inch. Was thinking how much spent on HD sets alone as I was an early adopter. It gets staggering and I admit I am a bit compulsive

Dynaudio Confidence C1s and Stands $8k
Dynaudio Confidence Center $7000
Dynaudio Focus 110 and stands rear $1500
Simaudio Titan Amp (my only used piece) $4500 ($9500 new)
Classe SSP-800 pre/pro $9500
Rega Saturn Compact Disc Player $2500
Arcam BD-100 Blu-ray player $1500
REL B1 sub $3000
REL B2 sub $2500
Audioquest Comet speaker cables $3800
Kimber Cable select ICs $3000
Audioquest HDMI several $1000
Shunyata Power Cords $3000
Shunyata Hydra 8 conditioner $1500
TiVo $200
Sony 55 XBR8 display $5200
Audio/Video rack $2000

Ugh single and sink a lot of my money into this but really glad to be done except perhaps a larger display, digital music server or TT TBD


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Panasonic 4000 $1999.
Klipsch rf82x3 $1200.
Klipsch rb61x2 $700.
Rotel 1057 $1499.
OPPO 93 $499.
Emotiva xpa x 3 $1500.
Velodine mini $1100.
Acoustical Treatment (DIY) $500.
AT 135" Screen (DIY) $700.
Av surge.p $200.
Wires 300.
other DIY (mount, acoustic.t., shelf) $500.

Not including furniture or cost of room, around $9500.
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Ada cinema reference: $500
Ada PTM-6150 6 channel amp: $700
Behringer EP-4000: $300
BBE DS26: $300
BBE DS48: $300
Cables: Who knows it varies but I use many of them.
3 JBL DIY cinema speakers: $2400
2 JBL 8340A's: $750
2 Danley DTS-10 kits: $3000
Sanyo projector: $1800
DIY 128 inch AT Screen: $150
7 Seats: $2000
Total: $12200 minus room and treatments

Ada Cinema Rhapsody: $300
Ada MPA-500: $1200
LG 14K clone: $875
DCX 2496: $300
6 DR-250's front stage: $1800
2 wedge 8 surrounds:$300
6 DIY eD A7S-650's: $3000
Pioneer Elite projector: $1500
Seymour XD screen: $1500
Seats: $2000
Total: $12775

I basically upgraded $500 for much better audio and especially video!

Of course this does not include the room and treatments.
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Prismasonic HD6000F lens
Lumagen Mini 3D
Darbee Darblet
107" wide curved AT screen with EN4K fabric
Denon 4311
Four pro amps
JTR T8's for front sound stage
JBL 8340's for surrounds
Two DIY sealed 12" TC Sounds subs
One DIY 18" Maelstrom-X sealed sub
One DIY Shiva-X sealed sub
Two MIC2200 for PEQ of subs
Harmony RF remote

15K +
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Pioneer VSX 52-TX - $70 off craigslist
Pioneer SP-C21 - $50 shipped (Newegg)
2x Pioneer SP-FS51-LR - $120 shipped (Newegg)
Pioneer SW-8 Sub - $150 (Best-Buy)
TOTAL = $390

I wasn't planning on having an all Pioneer setup, the deals just fell that way (Except the subwoofer... that was an impulse buy at Best Buy that I regret, seeing as I could have gotten it so much cheaper from Newegg). Being a broke college kid, it worked out pretty well.
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  • Swan Diva 6.2F - New 1319
  • Swan Diva 2.1 - Used 240
  • Swan C3 Center - Used 250
  • Polk DSW Pro 600 Sub - Refurb 380
  • Rel Stentor III Subwoofer - Temporary Freebie cool.gif
  • B&K Reference 50 S2 - 232.50
  • Anthem PVA7 - Temporary Freebie cool.gif
  • Best Buy A/V stand - 100
  • Samsung LN46B650 - 1100
  • 100Ft Ixos XHS806W Speaker wire - 80
  • Monoprice Interconnects - 8.31
  • Home-made RCA cables Cardas silver plated RCA ends and DH Labs BL-1 (replaced these with the monoprice when I got the A/V stand) - 147
  • Home-made PVC speaker stands - 60

Total - $3916.81 eek.gif

Not included in the above are
Zotac Zbox for HTPC duty - 300
A few HDMI cables - Negligible
40TB redundant storage server - ~5000
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System is a constant evolution. Started with Sony HTIB in 2005.

Pretty happy right now. Dont anticipate any changes for a bit.

Panny Plasma
Paradigm Studio 60 v5 mains
Onkyo SR-605
Klipsch WC-24 center
Klipsch Quintet II (for the sounds)
Sony Blu - ray
apple TV

6K or so
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I buy budget speakers, preparing for grad school & buying a house, when they're on sale.

Condo setup (7.2):

Polk Monitor 70's x 2 in black ($150 each, pair for $300; love shell shocker deals)
Polk Monitor 50's x 2 in black ($80 each, pair for $160; promo deal)
Polk Monitor 40's x 2 in black ($100 for the pair; promo deal)
Polk Monitor 30's x 2 in black ($80 for the pair; promo deal)
Polk CS1 in black ($60; promo deal) (pending getting a CS2 to replace this soon)
Polk PSW505's x 2 in black ($200 each; promo deals)
Pinoeer VSX1121 (used on Amazon's warehouse for $400)
HTPC build as source with 750+ DVD's + Netflix & Amazon Prime ($300; not counting DVD's)

Next goal: CS2 & a projector of some sort. My LCD TV is bad & small.

Bedroom setup (2.1):

Fluance AVBP2 Bipolar Satellites x 2 ($125 for pair)
BIC F12 sub ($200)
Onkyo SR308 ($200)
Asus Transformer Tablet Source ($XXX) (Expensive alarm clock basically, using apps, and playing music during sleep, usually rain, and wakes up to killer music, usually jazz)

Other house setup (5.1):

Polk Monitor 60's x 2 in cherry ($110 each, pair for $220; shell shocker deal)
Polk Monitor 40's x 2 in cherry ($120 for pair; promo deal)
Polk CS1 in cherry ($60; promo deal)
Polk PSW10 in cherry ($80; promo deal)
Pioneer VSX521 ($200, Amazon sale)
Dlink Boxee Box as source ($120 refurb from Amazon; with 750+ DVD's loaded onto some 2TB drives via USB)

My headphone collection, well, puts it all to shame. Ugh. I have 40+ pairs, and several flagships from Beyer, Denon, Hifiman, etc. Plus silly expensive source gear. I started as more of a headphone person with Audiophile level headphone equipment. Speakers are taking over though, and I'm taking the budget route because I learned the hard way just how expensive it can get and how I don't really hear that last 5% that I'm not willing to pay for. But I love to oogle at other people's mortgage paid-for setups!

Very best,
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