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Just got a Sony 1272Q - need some help

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Well hello, I feel lucky to say that someone has given me their 1272Q!!

Now i need to figure out how to use it

Can anyone offer any assistance finding some more info about this model?

Im trying to figure out now the best way to input video. I plan on having it hooked up to a htpc(media computer) but not sure what i need to do that.

thanks in advance for any help and I cant wait to learn and grow with this awesome machine!
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I think you would start with a VGA to 5 BNC cable but read up on what resolutions you can run before you send it something that will toast it.

You should read a lot actually.

My first PJ was a 1271 and I loved it. If it's in good shape you can get a great image with it.
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Try www.curtpalme.com You will find setup tips instruction and lots of fellow CRTr's who are ready and willing to answer questions including The Man himself. (Curt). Welcome to a very rewarding (and addictive) hobby/lifestyle.
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thanks for the tips guys! this will be a great starting point!

I was able to get it working today.. I ran an svideo cable in from a dvd player. so far that is all ive done

I will keep reading up on stuff and learn all i can
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also does anyone know how much this is worth? I want to know how to thank my friend
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How much it's worth depends on the tube condition but what matters is it's value to you.

A 1272 isn't worth much on Ebay. Shipping would come up more than the selling price I expect.

I paid over a thousand for my 1271 and was trilled but that was in 2000 and a lot has changed in the last few years.

If you dial it in and the picture is good it could be worth a lot to you.

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Congrats on the projector! I have a 1251q with the 21 point convergence cards and Love it. With a little bit of time and a few late nights, you will get a great picture out of the thing. These are easy projectors to learn the basics of CRT and they serve as a good starting point for the addiction...

if you haven't already, www.curtpalme.com is where it's at for crt knowledge!
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I'm giving away FREE my custom-built hushbox I used with my 1272q. PM me if you're interested.

Hi and Congratulations. I used a 1272q from 2000-2008 until I moved into a new home. Loved it. If the tubes are in decent shape, using a 100" or smaller screen and a light controlled room, plus (at minimum) a line doubler or (at best) an HTPC and you will enjoy a fabulous film-like (soft) image with great colors, great black levels, and acceptable brightness.

Where are you located? Most in this forum love the hobby and would be willing to help you in person for a cold one.

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Welcome to CRT's!

The others are right, a sony 12xxq series projector is a great way to get started in CRT's. I started out with the same exact machine. Its a breeze to setup, and produces an excellent image for movie viewing.

As far as price value goes, It could be worth a lot or nothing. In the case of my 1272Q I got it for a buck, but even that shocked me and the previous owner, as we were both sure it would have gone for more, but no one else bid, so as a result I got into the hobby

I hope yours is in better condition. The lenses on mine were really banged up, but other than that it was a fabulous machine.
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thanks for all the tips guys!! So far all I have done is hooked it up with an svideo cable to a dvd player. I cant wait to get it setup with my htpc! I am still trying to figure out the best way of doing this though. I know svideo isnt what i want but not sure what connector ill need to get the maximum resolution/quality possible- any tips?

It will be a while since im still finishing the room its going in. Building a man cave in the garage!

Ill be sure to post some pics when its finished!
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Any type of VGA break out to RGBHV cable should work for a HTPC. If you plan on running a bluray player you will need a device like the HDfury to convert from HDMI to the RGBHV.

Post pics when you get done.
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