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Projector for BBQ

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Hi, I have been researching a projector for my outdoor area near the pool.
Most of the time it will be used from noon to 18:00 (usually during BBQs) and watching HD sports and bray movies.
I was thinking about using my Epson 1080p but i am afraid that is not bright enough. So question is, which projector under USD 2000 would suit my needs?
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It's going to be hard to get a good picture under those conditions with a FP at any price. How big do you need to go? A big flat panel will give you a much better picture for that environment.
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Front projectors outdoors, think drive-in movie theaters (if you are old enough to remember those), think only open when its night. Front projectors are only suitable for night time outdoor use. Probably the only consumer technology that is bright enough is LCD flat panel TVs and then only if the TV is kept in a shaded area, has a bright image and a anti-reflective coating on the screen. I use a Sony LCD HDTV on a wall swivel mount under the cover of my lanai (mounted about 7 ft. up front the floor and tilted downward). The lanai is next to my pool and that works out OK as it protected from the weather and can be seen from the pool and spa and nearby seating.
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Problem is that it's an outdoor project.
Projector will be hidden/kept inside a plant vase.
I will send the pic
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It won't work. The sun is really bright. Can you see your laptop or cell phone display out in sunlight? Didn't think so.
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Yeah. No way this is going to work in the sunlight.
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The only way any projector will work outside is at night...period. I wouldn't bother if you are planning to start using it at noon...
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