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HDTV through a Sanyo PLV-60 projector  

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I've done searches, and read the FAQ, but I'm still unclear on this HDTV stuff. I just bought a PLV-60 projector, and would like to watch some HD broadcasts, but what I'm actually seeing can't be HD.

My cable box (ATT Digital cable) only has coax out and RCA (yellow video and red/white audio) I tried connecting a video cable from the yellow RCA output on the cable box to my Video/Y input on the PLV-60 (it's Input 3, which has VIDEO/Y, Pb(Cb) and Pr(Cr), and even though the program says it's broadcast in HD, it still looks just like any other program

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I have the SE13HD equivalent of your projector. You'll need an HD receiver, not just any old cable box. There are some rare cable systems that put out an HD signal. But just because it says "digital cable" doesn't mean your cable system carries any HD content.

In any case, assuming your source is cable of HD output, it would be either via the Y,Pr,Pb or the RGBHV inputs. On my projector I've used both the RCA DTC100 (RGBHV) and the Zenith 1080 (YPrPb) both at 1080I.

Even with one of these receivers attached, only certain content is actually in HD. There are several local off-air sources here, as well as 2 HD channels on HBO via satellite. You'll have to get specific information on what HD content is available in your area. As I said it's extremely rare yet to be able to get HD via cable. TWC has it in some locations, and Comcast has announced it in a couple of locations.
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Hi Bill. You need a source of the three component signals:Y, Pb, Pr. The video/Y jack is dual function, and you've plugged in only the standard NTSC video output from your cable converter. Check if your cable company supplies HDTV channels and the special cable converters necessary.

If not, you'll need a HDTV tuner/decoder such as Zenith's new 1080 or other models discussed in the hardware section. With such a HDTV set-top box (STB) you'll be able to tune in local digital H/DTV stations. These stations broadcast both 16:9 HDTV (1080i or 720p formats) and typically, during daytime, 480p or 480i. Such STBs have YPrPb output jacks. The STBs usually deliver HDTV via direct-broadcast-satellite (DBS) subscriptions, too. A search in the HDTV programming section using "Pittsburgh" should be useful. -- John
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