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LG GGR-L20N -- okay for HTPC?

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I bought an LG GGR-L20N (HD-DVD/BluRay/DVD reader). I installed it in my HTPC and it plays DVD fine but BluRay and HD-DVD discs will not play. It recognizes them as HD-DVD or BluRay but says the discs are bad or incompatible. Has anyone tried to use this drive outside of a LG BH200 standalone player? Is it possible to load new firmware when installed in a PC?
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Windows only natively supports DVD, if you have the retail version of the drive you should get PowerDVD OEM with it. This CD also has te flash utility to upgrade the drives firmware. My drive is a few years old and it came with PowerDVD 7.3 which was the last version to officially support HD DVD. I now use TMT 3 which still supports both
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I neglected to mention that I was attempting to use the trial versions of PowerDVD and TotalMedia Theater 3 Platinum. They both refuse to play anything beyond DVD.

I bought the bare drive from Ebay.

I see that there is firmware for the drive released as recent as March 2010 and that might fix my issues if I could get it loaded. I doubt they distribute a flash utility with the trial version but I'll look.
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I contacted ArcSoft and they claim to have no firmware update utility. The software likely came from LG.
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I am curious to know: if you look at Windows' Device Manager, under DVD/CD-ROM drives, how is the GGR-L20N depicted (does Windows recognize it)?

Example: one of my LG drives is listed as "HL-DT-ST BDDVDRW GGC-H20L SCSI CdRom Device"
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It has been a while, but I recall updating the firmware on my drive. I believe it was necessary to enable HD DVD and Blu ray. I have this drive; it definitely plays both formats just fine with Arcsoft TMT 2. Actually, while I do not currently use Cyberlink PowerDVD, if I recall it did a passable job with both formats too. Arcsoft was more predictable in my environment; less crashing.

Unfortunately, be prepared for problems with copyright restriction messages.

I know that these problems should not occur; but I'll be danged if they don't show up from time to time.

The only reliable solution is to play discs with AnyDVD running. I have previously stated that I do not like this state of affairs, but I don't think I am the only one who resorted to this methodology to avoid various HDMI errors when playing media like Blu Ray discs on the HTPC.

Where did you find the drive? I thought they had gone extinct.

I give LG credit; my drive died under warranty and they had a very good and quick replacement program.
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Does anyone know where I could pick one of these up at? My BH200's drive stopped playing BR Discs... Would like to get her back up and running!
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