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Soundbar with clear voice/dialogue?

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I recently bought a TV that has poor speaker quality - the main problem being that I am constantly having difficulty making out what people are saying.

Does anyone have any suggestions for a soundbar that will provide clear voice/dialogue (hopefully in the area of $200 - $250)? I was about to buy the Sony HTCT100, but then I saw that it is known for having muted dialogue, which is exactly the problem I am trying to fix.

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Hi JB...

I just got one of these last week for 185

good points are..better than tv speakers(samsung un55b8000)
now i have bass..couldnt believe what I was missing
3 hdmi hookups..makes one simple connect to tv
can understand what they are saying now

bad point is that cant really crank volume up..but I think this is a prior issue with soundbars

I needed something to watch TV but I'm still looking for that great experience but my situation is that my room is large and open and that I need to spend mucho money to get it...

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I have had three soundbars over the last four years. Only one so far really did a very good job of reproducing voices.

Yamaha YSP-900 - good sound - poor dynamics and ultimate volume - mediocre on voices

Sony CT-100 - almost the same as the Yamaha but even less dynamic range

Vizio (don't know the model number) - excellent dynamics and by far the best with voices of any of the three.

Since there was a difference of more than ten to one in the price from high (Yamaha) to low (Vizio), I recommend you start low, but purchase somewhere with a good return policy. The Vizio can be had for less than a c-Note at Wal-Mart with easy return policy. If you find it lacking, return it and try something different.

The JVC soundbar has had a number of reviews stating that it handled voices well also. About double the price of the Vizio. I have not heard this either in a home or retail environment.
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Everything hdmi through the ct-100 , hdmi control ON , movie mode ,tv speakers off, center level up 6+ sub level -3..I have all of the dialog needed for any program.it really sounds great imo..just right for my small apartment.
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