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Originally Posted by Dingaling2004 View Post

I am doing a double skin floor with Green Glue layer and also carpet and rubber underlay. However, I am not sure if this will be sufficient to adequately reduce the amount of sound leaking through the subfloor and into the garage or throughout the rest of the home.

A local supplier here has just advised that I need to isolate the subs off the floor, but my feeling (and those of others here) is that 4 anti-vibration mounts screwed to the bottom of each Danley DTS-10 will do little to reduce the low frequencies in the room from these speakers and also the front sound stage.

I hold the contention that the great majority of the vibrational issues from well built subs isn't from cabinet contact. There (should be) much more energy coming out the front. Since the cabinet components are so small relative to the wavelength being produced, the panels aren't at resonance. So while lifting them off the floor might do something, it is not at all where your problem is. As you suspect, you need to beef up your floor as you plan for the walls and ceiling.

You can decouple the subfloor from the joists with rubber isolators.

Next best is to decouple the ceiling below with clips and channel.

Both will drop that low frequency resonance point of the floor for you, however the first option also minimizes vibration into the floor joists.

After decoupling, proceed as planned with massive panels and damp.
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I can't even tell if my Danley's are on by feeling the cabinet. There is almost NO vibration in the cabinet.
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Greg - I still think option one on Ted's list is best.

Saying that, given the location of the floor I reckon you could get your builder to sit the floor joists on a seperate structure to the rest of the house? thats the key in your instance as that floor seems to be on its own level?

Have you seen the engineering plans yet? I assume the joists will sit on an LVL or the like on the outside wall? what are they going to sit on for the inside wall? I am assuming they are going to span east west?
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Hello Ted, Tony and Peter,

Thanks very much for chiming in. I will need to chat with the builder. Having a meeting with him on Tuesday so will nut some of those issues out with him then and see what he can suggest. I think that this area is definitely shaping up in my room as being 'the weakest link' in terms of sound retention.

Ted, I will let you know about what the builder says and what he is able to do. If it is a situation where he can use isolation mounts I will drop you a PM. Thanks for the feedback Tony. With Two Danleys and your upgraded Klipsch front sound stage, I am amazed you can feel anything at all! Have you found a third speaker yet?


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Greg, you may have a point. I don't know if I'm "feeling" properly. LMAO. Haven't found a third speaker yet, but I'm not in a hurry. My wallets empty and there's still lots of construction to do. My eyes are always open though.

Hope you're feeling better.
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Thanks Tony, on the mend now. Looking forward to checking your color selections. We have a peg out on our block next week and excavation within a fortnight. Should be on our way soon!
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Well, they say that life was not meant to be easy. Just after all of the permits were issued and we expected to start construction within the next few days, our builder pulled out of the project, claiming our 'loss of confidence in him' as a reason not to enter into a building project. Mind you, after about 30 requests for a firm and detailed quotation which was not forthcoming, we certainly had lost considerable faith. After circulating the plans to other builders, it has become apparent that the builder had underbid on the project to the tune of $150,000, which is certainly a significant oversight. Not surprising that he did not want to share that news with us! Needless to say, we have parted company.

So, we start back at square one. After much arguing with the financial controller about what we want in a home (dedicated home theatre for me and a formal lounge and dining room for her) we may have found a design. Like the old plans, the theatre room would sit atop the garage, which would make it around about 7 metres long x 5.6 metres wide (23 feet x 18.5 feet) with an 8 foot ceiling. May be able to reduce the squareness of the room with internal walls and columns but that looks like where we will be aiming for. Big question at this point is whether the house will fit on our block. We have just got to the point that we need to build a home and move. Hate this renting caper!

Will update as I get more info.

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Really sorry to hear about your problem. I'm also trying to get a house build underway in Sydney, and from over here it's proving to be a real challenge !!!

Hopefully the DA goes into Council tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

I've had a few quotes from builders, but now the lowest is proving to be difficult to communicte with. Not sure if he's losing interest ... or he thinks that because of the distance I'm not serious ??

Getting competitive bids in Sydney at the moment seems a real problem ... yet the SMH is full of stories about housing starts being at record low levels ... someone please tell that to the tradesmen and builders !!!

I hope you get sorted soon.

P.S. My plan is very similar to yours ... theater over double garage.
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I suppose the extra $150k is out of the question?

We came to the realisation that if we wanted it done right we'd have to spend about 30% more than the original quote......fortunately we could cope with that.....sort of....until we're on a single income....sort of

Sloping blocks isn't straight forward, Tullipan made it look easy. We have had builders come by and say they wouldn't have done our place in a million years

Considered owner building? you've got a full set of plans? including engineering drawings? if done right that could save 20%-30%.....or cost you more if you got it wrong

Peter M - building in Sydney is extremely expensive, forget what you read.....if its busy they charge more cause its busy, if its quiet they charge more because its quiet and they need the coin
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G'day Peter. Thanks for the reply. Owner builder is not an option with a 60 to 70 hr per week job plus Three year old day care on weekends. No time. We are looking at both a Montgomery home or a modified Westminster. The latter being considerably cheaper but offering good site location being a shallow design. Would also give us about 37 squares at a reasonable price as opposed to 31 for the Montgomery. May talk to mark or David again if we hit more snags. Catch up soon. Greg. PS how the pups doing?
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Good luck with it mate......I know exactly how you feel, what happened with Kingstone and us was a massive kick in the guts.....we'd have been in 12 months sooner if we'd started with Tullipan from the beginning.

......the pups. Well just as you're writing that message at around 1:30am this morning, the little darlings we banging on the back door. I went out, put them back to bed, this happened two more times.....we kept sleeping to a minimum yesterday so though "hey this'll be good, we'll get a good 8 hours". Nup didn't happen, worst night on record
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What sort of pups?
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Now I'm hijacking Greg's thread....

Labradors (Chocolates)

A couple of photos on my build thread Ted or HERE.
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Hi Peter, hijack away mate. Not like there's much going on around here anyway!!!! Nice to see you lurking around these parts Ted.
Take care all. I would like to hang around but I am off to Bali for three weeks. Some Bintang Therapy will help ease my woes.
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You going to plug into the computer any while in Bali? Maybe if you're gone we can start discussing home theater here!
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Enjoy the surf if thats your thing.....things will work out, just give it time.
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Hi Peter M,

Not sure how you are going with your builder??? Have you thought about someone like Westminster Homes? They will build to your plans and you can specify inclusions. I will probably go with them as we have issues with our block and they have a shallow design (most project homes are designed for narrow deep blocks).

Check them out at westminsterhomes.com.au

Hope that helps. Where in Sydney are you looking to build?

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Maybe if you cut down on your associating with the likes of Tony123 you wouldn't be having these problems.

And before you decide to go with Westminster as your new builder, you might at least interview the outfit that I used in my build:

Good luck, mate - even without a builder or a final plan selected, you'll probably still end up finishing before me and Tony.
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Speak for yourself Hanes. I just picked up a six pack of "Red Bull" energy drink for the weekend. I'll either be done with the theater by Monday or be on the toilet until Tuesday.

So Greg, you can tell us a little about Bali. It will make us all ill, but we won't hold it against you.
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Done with the theater by Monday?

That's a good one, Tony!!

I used to rely on Red Bull, until quite by accident I stumbled onto this amazing new energy drink:

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Hi there Hanes and Tony,

You guys crack me up. Thanks for the posts. Tony, do you REALLY want me to tell you about my Bali trip? Well, where do I start? Woke up at 8.30am today, crawled out of my thatched hut bungalow (complete with A/C, LCD, DVD player, marble outdoor bathroom with sunken bath) and faced the balmy 90 degree tropical heat. Enjoyed a delicious ham, cheese and tomato omelette, washed down with fresh guava and pineapple juice. Went and did some pirate DVD shopping (hey, they are a buck each!) and then went for a swim and enjoyed a couple of pints of Bali's finest pilsener while floating around the 70 degree water. Dried off and decided to go for a two hour massage. Finally managed to get past the fact that massages had increased in price from last year to a massive 8 bucks per hour. What economic downturn????? Getting expensive over here!
After my massage, drearily decided to pack up the wife and kid and walk 300 metres to the beach, where I enjoyed a few more beers while watching the sun set over the horizon. Came back to the room, showered and off to dinner for a spectacular pan fried snapper on garlic mash, frozen margueritas and all for the outrageous price of $12.00. This life is gonna kill me.

Well, that was kind of a typical day. Of course, we have also managed to squeeze in some white water rafting, Balinese cooking classes and a bicycle tour from the island volcano through to the rice terrace areas. So, I don't want you to worry to much about me over here. I should be fine for another 20 years or so.

Sorry, forgot this was a home theater forum. Don't even have a home yet. Don't care right now!

Chat soon. Hanes, thanks for the builder recommendation. Couldn't be worse than our last effort!

Tony.....Get back to work!
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Man. Reading about your typical day reminds me: I gotta get a life!

Enjoy Greg. Who needs a home when you've got a Bali thatched hut?
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Originally Posted by hanesian View Post

Man. Reading about your typical day reminds me: I gotta get a life!

Enjoy Greg. Who needs a home when you've got a Bali thatched hut?

Hi there Hanes.... Actually we do need a home. Thatched huts are not a long term solution to our semi vagrancy issues! Back in Australia now from Bali and the house hunting is back on in earnest! At this stage the builder has proposed a 20 foot x 20 foot ht above the garage and I am trying to price up either a 23x 20 or 26x20 foot room. Trying to sell the wife on the fantastic extra garage storage we would have under the home theater. I think it is going to add an additional 8k and 16k respectively to the build but may be worth it. 26 foot long x 20 foot wide.....now that would be a nice space! Better to spend the extra now if we can find the funds. Hey, give that lazy Italian a prod for me as well. He sure is dragging the chain on that paint job!
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G'day mate,

The nightmare block up the road from us is back on the market, full DA approved etc etc......you'd need to be a mountain goat though, just a thought - but we'd be real neighbours then......sold? no?

Hope its all going as well as can be expected

P.S. 26 x 20 is real noice
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Just think Peter...if we were next door neighbors we could both save a fortune on soundproofing! Either that or never finish our respective builds due to beer consumption. Still trying to work out if that is a bad thing.
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Just back from a trip to Sydney and a long meeting with the lowest bidder. All seems on track ... I think he just has a different idea of timely communication that I do !! In person it's a different story and I'm very impressed with his attitude. I should be signing him up as soon as I get the nod from council.

House is in Frenchs Forest.
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Peter - caution against poor communication, you cant always get in front of them....its such an important part of the whole process
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Lazy Italian? I represent that remark!

Glad to see you back on the job Greg.
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It's really only responding to emails that I've had a problem with, and it seems that he's been actioning my emails, but not telling me.

I'm back to Sydney for good in mid December, and I'm sure I can get on top of it much easier after that. Being a structural engineer with 20+ years of project management experience should help.
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