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Wow Greg, really neat! It's gonna look SUPERB when finished. You're in the home stretch now mate!! I can't wait to see the finished theater.

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Thanks Will. It's nowhere near as elaborate as the detail in your room but I am really happy wIth it. My Son has already told me that he wanted blue walls. Too late now. I hope time get the columns trimmed out on Tuesday next week and then I can work out the door. Then I just need to stretch the material onto my frame.... any hints there?
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Greg, if you're talking about the screen material stretching, I've used the pattern on the last page of this PDF file for the stapeling sequince:
DIYFixedFrame.pdf 848k .pdf file

My screen material is kinda stiff and does'nt really stretch, so I just put in 3 or 4 staples on the one side, pulling tight on the other side and doing 3 or four staples on that side. Slowly working from the center outwards. Make sure to pull in all directions. I did about half a meter before i started to go to the sides - pulling left to right. I did the four corners last. My hands and fingers were sore for days afterwards but it was worth it - it still is as stiff as....let's just say it's still very stiff. wink.gif

I hope this was what you referred to, otherwise just ignore the post.

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Thanks for that Will. Yep.... that's what I was after. I hope mine turns out as well as your screen. Cheers fir your help.
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Spent a few hours in the theatre today. Managed to get four of the six columns started and one completed. I had to disconnect the wiring on the lights to get them through the material. Columns were originally going to be in the lighter colour but I decided to go with the darker colour. I'm really pleased with how they look. Hope time get the other three done on the weekend and then I'll have another crack at the ceiling panels. The lights look great on the darker fabric. I think so anyways. Some pics...yge4aqan.jpg
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Looking real good mate. Especially those lights. What colour are the fabrics? look a little odd with the flash etc
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Originally Posted by Elill View Post

Looking real good mate. Especially those lights. What colour are the fabrics? look a little odd with the flash etc

Hi Peter. How you doing? The walls are bronze and the lighter colour is called brushed gild. They are both from the metallix collection from RIM Fabrics. When the room is finished I will set up the tripod and SLR to get more accurate photos.

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Ah ok, cant wait to see it!

All good here - sorry I've been MIA.....work, baby etc usual story
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We keep missing each other, but I am checking in on your thread. smile.gif The fabric really looks nice. I love how all the rough carpentry looks polished up and tidy when the final layer goes on! Nice to see those sconces hanging. I'm sure they were tired of sitting in boxes. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Dingaling2004 View Post

Hi Pete, I am using 25mm CSR Supertel 32kg m2 material. Dead easy to work with and only a little scratchy. Has made a massive difference to the treatment of the room and the corner bass traps have really improved the bass from the subs. I got my materials from a company in Prestons, just off the M7. Can't recall the name of them but can probably dig up the receipts if you don't have any luck. I'm normally really organised with receipts from suppliers but once I got past a certain point financially with this build, I actually did not want to know or have any evidence of the cost of this project!

That texture looks awesome with the light highlighting it. All coming together now mate. Those scones are perfect, nice choice.

Thanks for the info above on the Supertel. I'll be looking into it for sure.

Can't wait to hear the room in action once all the treatment is in place.
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Hello all. Still progressing, slowly at times. I have spent the last few hours in the room getting the columns done. There was some extra work in getting all of the levels right so that fabric sat properly behind the surrounds. I have the four side columns completed with fabric, lights and surrounds and hope to get the other two rear columns finished tomorrow. Will snap some phone pictures then. Thanks for your comments Tony et al. I will try to write more when time permits....
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Well I made the big mistake of visiting Greg last week. He was a great host as always, but my mistake was I got to sit in the cinema and witness it's power, and it's left me hungering for more! I'm afraid my theater sound will not compare after listening to the shattering effects created within his fortified bomb shelter. The subs are absolutely shattering, and watching a few demo scenes really highlights what the forums aren't able to provide, that rumbling feeling in your chest as all facets of the sound treatments you've labored over come together and truly draw you into the atmosphere of the movie like no retail cinema ever could.

I can see why his progress has gone so slowly at the end, with a sound and vision that is almost at the peak of your own expectations, it is tough to finish that final 10%. The wall treatments are looking very professional, and the whole cinema is extremely impressive.

So thanks for having me over, it was great to sample what you've created first hand.
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Now that's the kind of critique you wanna hear! Be careful Sly, we don't want Greg thinking he's special. wink.gif
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Hi there Peter. Thanks very much for your kind comments. It was great having you over. In fact.... consider yourself privileged. You are the first avs member to be shouted pizza without being asked to build subs or gyprock. Thanks for coming over... always good to share bass with a real fan! As for you Tony, I am hoping that my flurry of activity will shame you into finishing your room. Remember when your kids fit in the port of your sub mate?????
I finished trimming out the two remaining columns tonight and then watched Abraham Lincoln vampire killer. Loving my theatre.
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There has been a little more progress with the theatre room. As I had already posted, the lights were all reconnected through the material. I finally bit the bullet and took my projector down. Damn near killed me to do it but the time had come. I needed to shim up behind the fabric about 60mm so that the projector mount sits flat with the fabric ceiling. I now have 4 sheets of laminated ply which should give a good solid foundation for the projector. That screws into a layer of 16mm drywall and 16mm ply under that. I think I could probably swing on it. Installed the ceiling fabric and cut a small hole to pull the 2x hdmi cables and power cables through for the projector. Have an issue withthe corner of my ceiling fabric behind the door. In my haste, I cut the corner a little short and it's going to mean I need to take some of the material out of the surrounding tracks and stretch so it fits. Not happy but hopefully fixable. All of the room track is done now. I will rewire in the light dimmer switch this week. Then it's a case of trimming out around the door and making a start on the screen wall. Some pics....
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My replacement light switch arrived recently from the UK. Still have to fit it up. Supplier was great and offered to replace it at no charge even though it was out of warranty. Posted it off but i made the mistake of claiming a value on the switch for insurance purposes. End result is that those bloody brits wanted to charge almost 40 bucks duty for a faulty light switch. Supplier returned to sender so I ended up with one broken light switch and a new one that cost me about 70 bucks posted. My bad. Learning not to sweat the small stuff. In any case, I have 2 of the 3 ceiling panels up and I just need to install the light switch and trim around it. Then all of the room trimming will be done. I'm really happy with the end result. Despite some teething issues, I think that the fabricmate track is a great problem. I sacrificed a few lengths to the hacksaw Gods but overall, it's expensive but good.
My projector is down and today I took down the screen frame. Cut all of the white calico material off and getting the frame ready to paint black. Looking forward to getting the real AT screen material stretched and the frame reinstalled. Christmas is getting very close. Not sure if I will make my self imposed Christmas deadline but I'm moving forward.
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Oh.... almost forgot. I purchased a new Oppo BDP103 bluray player today. I fully intend not to connect it up until my room is complete. Went for one of the Modded units so I can still buy my movies on Amazon. Hope that they are all they are cracked up to be.
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I have not had a lot of time in the room with work, looking after my son and Christmas preparations. The projector went up again and wouldn't you know it.... somehow the excess fabric behind the track on the ceiling has blocked the conduit holding my hdmi cables. They are about 2 inches short. Choice is to pull the ceiling fabric out and risk damaging a large piece or buying some short m to f hdmi cables. What a PITA. I wired in the new lightswitch. Fiddly job but it looks good. I may get the projector screen frame painted tomorrow and the hdmi sorted but I think my Xmas deadline is a lost hope. To be honest, the last few sessions have been really frustrating with little enjoyment. Hope that I can push through and enjoy the remaining tasks. Here are a few pics.

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Progress, no matter how slow is still progress smile.gif

The back wall looks real slick.

I'm starting to notice that now the bulk of the work on mine is done, the little things at the end are taking longer then I thought. Guess it's these final touches that are what most people will notice when looking around the room, so they are probably the most important over all. Hope you can keep motivated and push through.

My self imposed deadline is now Feb. Will see how that pans out.

If I don't speak with you, have a great xmas mate, and hope Tom gets all he was after from Santa wink.gif
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Hey there Pete. Thanks for your post... I guess with everything else going on around the world, meeting an HT deadline is pretty unimportant. I'm just glad the world didn't end last week. Bloody Mayans got us all worked up! Hope that you and yours have a fantastic Xmas and look forward to an invite to see your place.
Ho ho ho.
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One more job done today. Two coats of flat black paint onto the frame. I'll give it a couple of days to dry fully and then have a go at stretching the Seymour A/V material over it. If I get away from work at a reasonable time tomorrow then I will try to finish up a few jobs behind the screen wall. Main one is hanging black material behind the screen to stop the yellow of the batts showing through.

It's good having a room under renovation. Gives me somewhere to paint inside.
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Looking great Greg! I'd forgotten how massive those subs are. And hey, as Peter TheSly says, any progress is good progress....usual story with reno's the last 10% takes forever
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Gday Pete. How are things. Going to be a nice first Xmas with the bub at home. Hope that you all have a great day. Yes.... I am slowly pushing on. I'm using the new oppo as being an incentive to get things back on track. Can I grab those SACD back from you when we catch up. Want to see how they sound on the 103. Hope to meet up with you and Mr Procella Pete soon. Merry Christmas mate. Greg.
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Merry Christmas everyone. Hope that you and yours share a wonderful day and that Santa filled your stocking with lots of cool gadgets! Ho ho ho.
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Merry Christmas to me! It arrived from the US today.... and in its box it will stay until the interior of my room is finished. Looking forward to playing it on official opening night.

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You better use it. Technology will have moved on to something new before you're 'finished'. smile.gif
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Wow Greg. Congrats on the Oppo! That's the only thing I still "need" for my HT. The Yamaha BD player is not too bad, but I know the Oppo's upconverting will be SO much better. Was it a lot cheaper for you to import from the states than to buy from Oppo Aus?

Enjoy your new toy, I'm so jealous tongue.gif

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Hi there Will. It was definitely cheaper to grey import the oppo. RRP here is 699.00 and then there is another 180 dollars to region free mod the unit. I landed the modded unit for $US700 which I'm happy with. Connected it quickly to my 58inch 3d plasma. Fantastic pq and the network performance was really good. Even YouTube looked good. Its back in the box now. How are you enjoying your room?
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Originally Posted by tony123 View Post

You better use it. Technology will have moved on to something new before you're 'finished'. smile.gif
Hey there Tony. That whole glass houses line springs to mind. So..... apart from the impromptu Eagles concert in your room, what else is going on? Are you still on schedule to finish by the time the Republicans take office????
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Now that's uncalled for! smile.gif
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