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I feel like I just stole this television. I bought it new on Saturday at Target for $714 + $79 for a the 3yr warranty!
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My TV is shutting down by itself a lot lately. Anyone else getting this?
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Yes it happens to me at least weekly, i have no idea what to do about it. I dont want to have to ship it back to Vizio.
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It is most likely a result of software/firmware updates being automatically pulled down from the Internet...at least that is what Vizio says. Things like the widgets and other applications which I do not use.

In any case, I noticed when I plugged an ethernet cable directly into my TV, it began happening less frequently. I'm back to wireless now and to be honest, it may happen twice a month. Not sure if my Vizio was just far behind on updates or less coming out.
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Originally Posted by busaman79 View Post

Mine only does it when the TV is cold. PS3 connected to Marantz NR1601 with HDMI and then HDMI to TV. Does it for about a minute than fine. I have had mine for a few months and that is my only issue. Other than that I love it. Cant find anyone with good calibration settings. At least nothing better than out of the box.

I have the same issues with mine too when you start it cold...there's about a minute to 90 seconds where the picture is fuzzy and audio chops in and out...then it's all fine...

The funny thing is if you use non-HD channels or switch to component there's no issue..only through HDMI..I wonder if Vizio is aware of this with this TV and has plans to issue a firmware fix?
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My M550NV FINALLY downloaded the 12/1 firmware update yesterday and I can say I am pleasantly surprised. The CEC control between the TV and my Denon 891 seems to finally work as expected. Not only is the power control now turning the receiver ON automatically (it never did) but I can finally adjust the TV volume when the receiver is off and listening is through the TV's speakers.

It's been a frustrating year waiting for this but at least it finally got here!!!
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So what does this CEC allow me to do?
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Originally Posted by ftboomer View Post

So what does this CEC allow me to do?


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Do I need to have a sperate optical audio connection for over-the-air tv channel audio to play through the Onkyo TX-NR818 or does the HDMI carry the audio too?
I think it is call ARC (Audio return channel)
Has anyone achieved it?
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