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Damn bluray burners

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I have a gbw-h10n blu ray drive. My op Vista.
I have had the unit for awhile now and it works fine as a player of all things dvd and Bluray..and burns dvd ok...but cannot burn a bluray using multiple softwares and medias including the disc supplied with the unit.
I built a home theater system hoping to utilise a good cpu etc etc.to do some heavy HD movie editing and burning. Waiting to buy a decent HD cam I have used the drive without a problem ..until now.
I have used Nero...write errors...Pinnacle.sees the disc but won't burn .
PMB that came with my Sony cam cannot detect a burner.
As I said the unit burns DVDs through Pinnacle (not PMB)and the rest but when it comes to Blu ray media it fails.
I tried some cmcmags.cn2 rewrites...no go.
I upgraded the firmware to glo6.
Has anyone else had this problem?

I'm just about ready to give up.
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Un-install that junk software, and use ImgBurn.

It will either burn perfectly, or give you a log file with clues as to why not.
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Ok tried Image burn...it wrote an image to the disc supplied with burner (verbatum)(waste of disc ..cannot see what I wrote on it..should have burnt a fiule..my mistake.)....will not work on rewritables ? I tried Ritek and cmcmag.
says cannot read media?
I have ordered a couple of verbatim bd-re 's , maybe this will work.

PS getting hard to find Bluray media...places like Kmart, JB Hifi don't stock it anymore.

The main thing I need to know is , does anyone else have the same burner as me and are they having the same problems .
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Have fixed the problem. it seems the burner only wants to look at Verbatim Blu ray media....
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