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I'm addicted to Team Fortress 2 again (it hasn't helped that I've been snowed in for the past week). This isn't good for my backlog.
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It's always nice to take a stroll down memory lane with your favorite games. Happens to me once in a while, too. Games from 20 years ago are still awesome sometimes!
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Dead Space is now 66% off this weekend for a total of $6.80. If you pre-purchase Dead Space 2, then the original is 75% off.

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$3 total for episode 1 and 2 of the Penny Arcade game this weekend, FYI.

I thought it was too expensive when it first came out on the 360, but I'm picking it up for the $3.
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For $3? Buy it everyone. The PA games are hilarious, with some incredible world-building going on.
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Anyone pick up Magicka?
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Nada. Just tappin' my feet... waiting for TDU2 to unlock.
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Originally Posted by Scott Simonian View Post

Nada. Just tappin' my feet... waiting for TDU2 to unlock.

You will have to post what your thoughts on the game are, once played. I have TDU 1 for pc and i found it to have some of the best handling with my Logitech Driving Force wheel in any pc racing game.
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Will do.
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Originally Posted by Scott Simonian View Post

Nada. Just tappin' my feet... waiting for TDU2 to unlock.

I loved TDU1. That game was a blast, haulin' ass with a group of people that you didn't know over the net, seeing who can go fastest through the traffic, trying to be the "last man standing". I am looking forward to TDU2 also. However, I have a feeling this is going to be just a slightly updated version of TDU1. You have to remember, this is a console game, so there is only so much they can do to make it look any better. This is the where the PC gamers suffer. Instead of getting something new as far as graphics and special effects, we are probably merely going to get a slightly hopped up console port. I can only imagine if they made a new Test Drive for the pc market. Could you imagine if they built a graphics engine tailored for todays fast GPU's and processors? We will have to wait until the PS4 or Xbox720 for something akin to a gaming pc

Here is to hoping I am wrong, and the next TDU is awesome!
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The first TDU was built on a super-accelerated 11 month schedule for release 7 months after the launch of the 360. Even if TDU2 on the 360 only looks half as good as the 1.5 year old Forza 3, it will still be a massive step forward from that very early 360 tech. Thankfully, I've been in the PC beta for a while. It looks worlds better than TDU did. Not as good as something like Dirt 2, but that is to be expected being open-world versus linear track based.

In short: It is not cutting edge in graphics, but by no means is it disappointing.
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So??? How is TDU2? Is it worth buying now, or wait until its on sale on Steam? IGN still doesn't have a review up yet, nor Gamespy, or Gamespot. How are the graphics on PC at 1080P? Is it buggy? Does it run smooth?
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I'm loving the 360 version, and Infrasonic is loving the Steam version. A friend of mine that played TDU 360 a lot also loves the Steam version.

So far the game is a winner. A wrote up a more detailed impression in the 360 section here.
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Square Enix games are on sale this week with a different game each day. Today is Batman.
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Just Cause 2 is on sale today..didnt pick it up during Christmas Sale..gunna have to now. Sandbox games are so much fun to come back to. I played some GTA IV PC last night and had fun just messing around with stuff.
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Originally Posted by WiseGuy2k7 View Post

Just Cause 2 is on sale today..didnt pick it up during Christmas Sale..gunna have to now.

Right on, it's a blast. And may I suggest trying the BOLO Patch. Infinite grappling hooks that never break makes for a devilishly hysterical time.
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Yes! Pick up Just Cause 2 if you haven't. For $7.50, it's a hard deal to pass up. I love this game! Great time waster with a huge world with all sorts of things to find and blow up. They better make Just Cause 3 with co-op.

Mods I recommend are an unlimited ammo mod and the HD clouds mod. Bolo is supposed to be pretty sweet too but I haven't used it myself. www.justcause2mods.com is where I get mine at.
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It too bad there wasnt a multiplayer mod for the game. We could stir up some real ~cough~ in the game.
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Gah! I still haven't gotten around to playing JC2 from when I picked it up in December. I did finally get all three of my new 24" monitors though, so once I make a damn decision on the videocard that is going to drive them I'm sure I'll have an excuse to do some major PC gaming for a minute. Just Cause 2 and Test Drive Unlimited 2 PC are the first two games to inaugurate the setup, me thinks.
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Good choices, James
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Ordered my videocard half an hour ago. Went with an XFX Radeon 6870 with a non-standard cooler. Anandtech says that the cooler on this card was the quietest thing that they have ever seen. I look forward to it.


Then I had to order a $30 mini-DP to DVI adapter and a 10ft DVI cable to reach the third monitor. That monitor is so sad right now, not hooked up to anything.

And yeah, that center channel will be more centered, I just need to grind a bit off of it at work first.
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lookin good man!! lookin good. Wait till you fire up some triple display gaming be so nice. I so got to get a setup wit 3 displays
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Anyone looking for a decent strategy game? Civilization 5 is on sale for $30 today. It's usually $50. Great game!
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bah civ5. fun game in singleplayer... till you go to war and the AI does isn't so intelligent. Bought it to play w/my wife and have yet to play it w/her due to the crappy multiplayer.
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There's that videocard!

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6024x1080 is go!

Dirt 2 with everything cranked to Ultra gets me 38fps? I can live with that.

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Ha! Sick.
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The silly thing? I got the system set up, then got distracted by the fans in my case as the 6870 is much quieter than my GTS 250 had become. So instead of playing games, I've been swapping out fans and shopping for new ones.

Also, since the new card vents in to the case instead of forcing air out the back, it caused my CPU fan to kick up in speed. Killed one audible fan, just to bring another one in to play. That's okay, I've got new ones in my shopping cart ready to go. Just need to decide on the 16GB Compact Flash card that will serve as my new swapfile drive, replacing my old 8GB.
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