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Onkyo HT-7300

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Does anyone know about this HTIB? Does this come with the 608 receiver or is it another Onkyo receiver model?
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It appears to be a new model (HT-R680) by looking at the photo gallery on Onkyo website. Can't be for sure since it can't zoom in on the pic.
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Definitely says HT-R680. Only has 4 HDMI inputs compared to the TX-SR608 which has 6 hdmi (5 back, 1 front).

Smaller power supply and lighter, only 4.9A and 19lbs vs 6.8A and 25.3lbs for the 608. Doesn't have the THX certification of the 608 either. You also lose the Audyssey DSX front wide speaker option.
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I was just looking at the HT-7200 HTIB at Fry's today. The price is discounted because the 7300 HTIB is arriving to replace it.

The speakers look the same. Is there any reason to buy the 7300 at retail price instead of the marked-down 7200? HDMI 1.4 support?
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Onkyo descriptions.


7200 HTIB -- HDMI v1.3a Repeater (4 inputs, 1080P compatible)

7300 HTIB -- Four 1080p capable HDMI inputs (V1.4a) supporting 3D video and Audio Return Channel


The 7200 and the 7300 have the same retail price (7300 is the 7200's replacement) but I'm trying to establish whether the newer 7300 has enough features worth paying $200 extra than the older 7200 model which is now discounted in price. Opinions?
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If you have a 3D capable TV it might be worth it to get the 7300. Otherwise the 7200 should work just fine for you.
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I have this unit sitting in my living room right now. For me, the most significant difference was the ability to upscale to 1080p vs the 7200 units only going to 1080i. Picked it up at HHGregg for $639 + Tax Yes, I am sure that was the price. Bought in conjunction with the Samsung ln46c630
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How are the up-scaling abilities? will it upscale Hdmi sources like cable/sat?
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haven't had a chance to fully setup and test, but yes, that is my understanding
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