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I know there are other threads about this, and I tried to post to one, but I was blocked because the thread is too old. So I'm starting a new thread, since I don't find an answer to my question on any of the threads dealing with this lawsuit.

Does anyone know if the suit includes the PH10UK series of pro monitors? Have they exhibited this problem? I was on the verge of getting the (probably) last new 37H10UK available when I came across the news about this lawsuit. From everything I've read about the set, it suits my particular requirements exactly, but I don't want to get it and wake up in a year to find that the black levels have gone funny. Right now I have a 12-year-old Panasonic CRT, and its black levels are still great. I don't want to lose black levels just to get a slightly wider screen.

Any help would be appreciated.