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HT Utopia is up and running - Page 2

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Hi John,
thanks for your interest for Utopia and for the chairs.
Since the Poang chairs attracts lot of curiosity, the following are some building guidelines.
I've used the Poang's lateral frame to draw the outline on the MDF panels and then I've modified the outline shape for a better final look.
I've setup the fixing holes positions, considering a tilting angle for "simulating" the effect of the weight on the original rocking frame and, above all, for better setting the viewing line with the screen.
After this, I've cut the lateral frames to obtain the arms of the chair, as you may see on the picture.
I've also used the cross beam between the MDF panels to reinforce the structure.

Hope this can help!
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The original concept of my screen has been created around a wooden frame with the screen fabric stapled on it.
This has well worked for about 3 years, until I recently discovered some waves on the fabric.
After a bit of disappointment, I decided to introduce a screen tensioning system to be sure that the fabric can stay well tensioned whatever happen to the wood frame (humidity, temperature and so on).
One of the firm points was about modify the screen frame and not rebuild him from scratch.
The final solution has been to use the same principle of cinemas movie screens: add a subframe using a rope all around for tensioning the fabric.
The subframe has been realized using aluminium pipes (10mm/0.39" diam.) connected to the wood frame via metal plates.
On the fabric side, instead of grommets (tools for a good work are too expensive) I've used nylon P-Clips, normally used for fixing pipes or cables.
The rope is an elastic one.
Without considering the painting of the metal parts in black, I've completed the upgrade in only one day.
I'm very satisfied with this upgrade: waves are disappeared and the projected images looks great as always!

Here are some pictures of the upgrade:
- Screen is down for frame upgrade

- Detail of the subframe with the pipe and the metal plate

- Subframe applied
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- Screen fabric 'P-clips' fixings

- Screen frame, subframe, elastic rope and screen fabric

- The screen is ready to be back on the wall

Now waves are gone and I can enjoy my movies without distractions.
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Great Design!
Do you have any picture of how you installed the fabric on the ceiling with the inside curve?
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This theater reminds me of the hanger bays in Star Wars. Was it in the Death Star?

I approve.biggrin.gif
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To Waterboy77:
here a step by step illustration: I've made frames and stapled the fabric on, then I've screwed the frame on a ceiling beam and finally I've stapled the other side of the fabric on the next beam, and so on.
You may find some pictures on the HTU website (link on my signature)
More simple to do than to describe.

To jedimastergrant:
yes, it resemble those bays.
This can be an inspiration for a next theater, who knows

Thanks for yours appreciation
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Great Thanks
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