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Hello my friends in Louisville. If you need to get information about channel 55 I would recommend calling Neal Metersky or Bill Brown at the TV station 582-7840. A note that stations that were not able to make the May 1, 2002 deadline were allowed to apply for an extension. A call to the stations might help with more information that would help you. Remember, it is a new technology and it is harder to make pictures and costs a lot of money.

I am out knocking on the doors and looking for a new place to hang my hat. Had a few weeks off to re-group and catch my breath so looking in many areas. Keep me in mind if you hear of anything.

888-962-3035 Pager

Best to all,

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Thanks Gil,

I haven't called yet, but i'll probably call tomorrow during lunch to see if there is any updates. I don't have a set-top box yet, but as soon as a station (other than KET) starts broadcasting, I'll be sure to pick up one. I'm not sure if I can get a good enough signal though, regular analog signals are hard to recieve.. (i live downtown, maybe it's building interference?)

I just visited TitanTv and it looks like WAVE3 is the only station to get an FCC extension. I think that's ironic considering their old ad compaign. "First to bring you a News Broadcast, First in Internet Broadcasts, First in. .. etc etc." Now it looks like they can add, "Last in Digital Broadcasting" to their list.
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Your comments noted but as I said many stations around the Country had bigger problems to overcome like towers, construction, contractors, available material, so each broadcast facility had to handle the new facility different. I do know WAVE and WLKY had some issues they had no control over that affected their construction. As I mentioned this is an extremely expensive project that generates no income to this point, especially if you have a new tower and building to build. Good luck in your reception challenge but you might be surprised.

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Your comments are well appreciated!

Would you have any info (or contact info) for stations in, say, Lexington, Bowling Green, or Danville?

I know WTVQ-DT 40 in Lexington is doing testing (even got a near lock the other night but they are very low power right now) but don't know about the others.

I've heard WDKY is being delayed to end of year so any hopes of nearby FOX broadcasts are being dashed, too :(
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Hi Jerry. Good to hear from you.

My only contacts I had were at WTVQ and WLEX. I think they are well under way for the May 2002.

You asked about FOX Network here locally. Unless things have changed from what I last heard 41 & 58 has a very long way to go. So, I would not expect them on until much later in the year.

WAVE and WLKY are sharing a new facility that is being constructed on Floyd Knobs with the tower and antenna already up. Construction has been underway on the building and transmitters ordered. UPN and WB I do not know about at this time.

If I hear anything to update I will be glad to pass it along.

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Thanks for the update. The FCC site has CP extensions listed for WLKY, WDRB, WAVE and WBKI as of 3/18. I hope WHAS will go ahead and get started broacasting on 55-1. Any idea how soon they will start? Should we expect them to sit tight until 5/1 or should we keep checking every few days to scan an see if they are broadcasting? Will they make any public comment? Any info is appreciated. Good luck in the job hunt.
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Hi and good to hear from you.

Thanks for the update on the FCC site. I have heard that at least 30% of the TV stations in the U.S. filed for extensions past the May 1, 2002 requirement. Each TV market is different.

I would recommend calling Bill Brown or Neal Metersky at WHAS for updates. Hofefully they will take over on updating the viewers in the area like I tried to do. But to answer your question, no I do not know when they will be up full time or even for testing.

Take care. Job search is getting frustrating because I can do so many things but maybe information on resume is intimidating.

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:D Looks like this is it. Saw an ad last night which said that thunder would be broadcast in HI Def by whas next weekend. About time Louisville
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