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I have a Samsung HL-R5067W purchased in 2005 that's recently started displaying some strange horizontal banding. It occurs in where there are high contrast horizontal stripes or imagery in whatever content the tv is displaying, and the tv then displays dark bands extending across the screen on either side of the existing band. For example, on a TV news cast when there is a supergraphic next to the anchors head, the set will display a dark or discolored bar extending horizontally all the way across the screen at the top and bottom of the supergraphic, essentially extending the border of the supergraphic.

I've Googled it and searched the forums here, but can't seem to find anything similar. I've never replaced the bulb, so I'm thinking it could be that. But the image doesn't seem to be dimmed and if that were a symptom of needing a new bulb I would think it would be in Samsung's documentation or would show up in Google searches. I'll try to get a photo to post, but in the meantime has anyone ever seen anything like that on a DLP?