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Repair or Replace?

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Hey everyone. First post, but figured this seemed to be the best place for it.

A few weeks ago while taking a batch of recyclables out in my apartment complex, I noticed that someone left on top of the recyclables bin in our underground parking a Yamaha RX-V661 receiver.

Checked back the next day, and it was still there, so I took it. I figured it looked to be in good condition and that if it didn't work it was just as easy for me to get rid of.

Hooked it up, and everything seemed to work just fine. Downloaded the manual, and set up the unit with my Logitech Harmony remote. It was a nice upgrade from the 10 year old Sony unit I have which is lacking a few inputs and outputs I'd like, but works just fine.

Occasionally, the unit would "go psychotic" and start switching randomly and frequently to the pure direct mode and stop responding to any remote commands or front panel controls. It would keep playing the audio as before. This happened once or twice, and cycling the power seemed to do the trick.

Well, last week, it started that process and wasn't able to stop. Checked the wiring and everything was fine. After much frustration, decided that my old Sony was going back in my entertainment center and that I would decide to do with the Yamaha later.

Keeping in mind that this is a dumpster dive find and when it was working well, worked very well, I am wondering if it makes sense to take it to a Yamaha service center and pay to have it repaired. I am thinking it is probably related to one of the main circuit boards and shouldn't be a lot of labor since it looks to only be 2 or 3 main boards in it.

I would be thinking that about $250 would be my upper end of what I would be comfortable spending on a repair. Beyond that and it is probably better for me to just consider a new receiver.

Anyone have experience with Yamaha repairs? Is it worth it to have this unit serviced or should I just take it back to the bin as intended. Seems like a waste on a very nice unit that fits the bill of what I would want as a replacement for my older unit if I were in the market.
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Labor would be $50-$100 an hour, depending on where you went. I recently priced some shops for a similar receiver repair. Keep in mind that's here in LA, but I can't believe it would be that far off from everywhere else.

Wouldn't hurt to ask around, though.


Someone might buy it off you for parts if worse came to worst.
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1) Attach to chain. Use as boat anchor.
2) List on Craigslist as a repair unit and get a free dinner or two.
3) Lay it on top of the dumpster and record the next guy taking it. Post on YouTube with a narative.
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Originally Posted by mgkdragn View Post

3) Lay it on top of the dumpster and record the next guy taking it. Post on YouTube with a narative.

Heh, it'd be like that frog that dances and sings, but only for the guy who finds him.
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I would take it to a non-authorized electronics repair shop. There may be one or more near you. Where I live there are a couple of shops, one of which I have dealt with. They charge $35 up front to diagnose any gear and give you an estimate. The $35 is applied toward the repair bill if you decide to fix it.
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