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Panasonic PT-50LC13

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I have an issue with my Panasonic PT-50LC13 RP LCD TV.

When you turn it on, it shuts off. Looking up the blink code in the service manual, the code means that FAN1, FAN2, or FAN3 is stopped. The TV eventually can be coaxed back on, however.

I opened the TV and took a quick look. Without pulling it apart (again, I've already had to fix the ballast), I can easily see that FAN3 & FAN4 are working. That just leaves FAN1 & FAN2. Both of those appear to be inside the Projection Unit.

The service manual says to replace the entire projection unit (LSXA0528-HBS). Those run $225+ just for a refurbished unit. To mean it seems stupid to replace the entire projection unit just for a <$20 fan!

Is there any sane reason I can't just replace the fan on the unit? I've never opened it up, so is there a concern for dust contamination or something? If it's possible to replace, does anybody happen to know the model #s of the fans inside the unit? I hate to tear it all apart to just get the #, put it all back while the parts get shipped, and then tear it all apart again.

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FAN 2 is part number L6FAKCDH0007, the same as FAN 4.

FAN 1 is enclosed in FAN CASE UNIT part number LSXA0519, and appears that this fan is not available separately.

This is derived from the service manual, section 16.2.
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I just found a Panasonic HDTV PT-50LC13-K in the garbage!! When I turn it on, there is a blue screen saying I need to replace the tv lamp. What part of the Tv is the lamp located at and where to I have to start opening to get to it?
Thank you!
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The TY-LA1000 lamp replacement instructions for the PT-50LC13 can be found here.

You can try to reset the lamp timer to remove that blue screen message, and get extra life out of the current lamp that is already installed.
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Was was the end repair your made on your set?
I have the same problem. Cooling fan not working correctly .
I really think this was an intentional design flaw so keep repair man working!
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I'm also curious as to the outcome as I have the same problem. It's actually easier to just keep the darn thing on all the time. The picture is still outstanding on mine though.
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