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ultimate tv's for sale

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have two utv's with all manuals and remotes. both tuners on each work. need hd and software. $100 plus shipping takes em
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Directv is no longer turning on non-RID units, so this is useless to anyone but the original subscriber. Because they will turn on non-RID units that have previously been linked to your account, and only with original access card though.
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No buying a new $20 card or nothing? Figures. DTV has quite a bit of new equipment out since UTV. Nice they give us the word after the policy roll out. I have two back up UTV's. One has not been actived with one of my cards before although I checked serial numbers with an account rep before I bought them. I doubt they were entered against my account though.
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Now that is "official" policy... But I haven't heard if "refreshing" your Active Access Card in a "backup" or "replacement" unit (So non-RID to non-RID) would do the trick. As a possible "grey" work around.

So for us existing non-RID operators that want to swap out a "dead tuner" unit... there might still be a market/use for non-RID units... just that the market value will likely tank.

If I read the policy correctly my old Sony DSS units (A-55 and B-55 with old HU cards) might be eligible for reactivation on my Account but since the cards are outdated... I'm out of luck? I wouldn't be eligible to get a currently supported access card? (Unless I unofficially "swapped" cards from an active unit? I suspect it might also apply to another user willing to do the same. So say they had a Sony B-2 and upgraded to my A-55 they could "swap" cards... just would not able to do it via a DTV phone CSR. Their account would still show an "active" B-2 and serial number instead of the A-55...)

Am I right or wrong?
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Here, here to the workaround. I've have only swapped cards between units when one fails. My account has 3 active receivers in the house. I'm just running a single 18" dish with a 2x4 multiplexer. I have 2 DTC-100's and 3 RCA UTVs along with 5 RCA tuners of various flavors (16 & 32 bit). Half bought new, the remainder auction site finds as backups. Regardless they are all owned. One of my upstairs runs requires an RF coax hook up that seems to chew through standard boxes every few years.
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