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4 ohm Soundstream Rubicon 12 as HT sub? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by 94hondaprelude View Post

I bet your excited with you new equipment rolling in, keep us posted on how things go

Well, according to USPS tracking (which doesn't seem to be near as accurate as UPS tracking) my bash amp should be at my house today. Hopefully I'll get a chance to wire up my subs and let you guys know how they work.
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Nice! yeah USPS tracking is a joke lol!
Let us know how you like the amp
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Well, I got the amp installed into my box and rewired my speakers last night. I don't think I will be needing any more "oomph" for a while. It fills up my room quite nicely with the sub set at -5db from the other speakers and the volume on the amp below 1/2.

Here are some crappy cell phone pictures:

I'm having a bit of a "Buzzing" problem with a certain frequency on the middle two subs. I think it may be some speaker wires that got twisted a bit and wound up setting against the cone. I'll have to take the thing apart and find out what the deal is.

My next problem is trying to figure out where the heck to put the thing. I won't know for sure until I get my other speakers that I ordered for the rest of the system. I'm still flirting with the idea of putting it behind my sofa/futon.

Lastly, What frequency do you think I should X/O at? Should I use the Bash amp to X/O or use the Pioneer AVR? I think right now the Pioneer is X/O at 80hz because when I adjust the X/O at the bash it doesn't really do anything until I get below that.
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80hz is pretty common but it depends on how low your mains can play. I would use the pioneer X over BUT you can use both if it helps the sound at all. If so both should be set the same but again it's something you can play with.
Where does the sub sound best at without being in the way? behind the couch can work just fine too so try that as well. Glad this is working out for you so far, can't wait to see what ya think when your done and watching movies!
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I can't wait for the UPS guy to bring my new front towers, center, and surrounds. My HTIB speakers can't keep up with the subs at all, not to mention I'm missing the mid range.

I think I may have figured out the buzzing. Hopefully, anyway. Seems I forgot to seal the two holes where the speaker wire used to come out. It was 8 gauge, so fairly sizeable holes. I quick fixed it for now but can do some caulking later.
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Yeah its crazy how much noise one little air leak can make hay! What speakers did you order again i forget?
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Originally Posted by 94hondaprelude View Post

Yeah its crazy how much noise one little air leak can make hay! What speakers did you order again i forget?

After much deliberation, I ended up going with BIC Acoustech PL-89 towers and matching center and surround. The 8" woofers should fill in the mid range pretty darn good I think.
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I have no real experience with them but they look like really decent speakers. High sensitivity with big mids will have very good output with your AVR. I bet you will be very happy with your whole setup once its done (is it ever done?! lol)......
I am curious to see what ya think of those since i have never heard any.
I think you did good on with your choice..... you can cross them over pretty low if ya but SOMETIMES even though the mains area capable of low bass its still can be better to cross higher. You may be able to run them full range as well. You will have to see what sounds best. Keep in mind running your mains full range will work the AVR harder and may not play as loud and or distort easier.
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I'll let you know how they sound. My receiver is a 7.1 and I only plan on using 6.1 so I should get a little extra by bi-amping the fronts if necessary.

I've been messing around with the subs settings tonight and I've got them tuned pretty good. I'm having problems with the auto on/off feature on the bash amp though. It seems to turn off and on randomly when its not in use. I was in bed reading a book last night and heard a thump. 10 minutes later, another thump. I nearly grabbed my .45 to see who was breaking into my house but I put two and two together and turned the thing off. No more thumps.

I may just connect it to an outlet that only switches on when the AVR is on. Kind of annoying that the feature doesn't work right.
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It should work better then that. The only problem i have had with plate amp's "Auto on" is them not turning on at very low volume. Maybe send the amp back...... thats not what you want to hear since you just got it hooked up but something to consider.
So you are gonna run 5.1 so you have 2 channels free to bi amp with correct? 6.1 would only leave one channel....
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Yeah, stupid phone keyboard.....6 is next to 5 and all that. I meant 5.1
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Yeah it happens
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I received my BIC Acoustech speakers last night and I've got to say that I'm impressed, especially by the build quality. The things were packaged so well that UPS would have had to try there very worst to damage them. When I took them out of the packaging the first thing I notices was the weight, the second was the high gloss black finish I could see myself in. They sound very good now, I can't wait until they are broken in.

I ran the auto setup on my AVR after I got them all hooked up. It decided that the front speakers were "large" and it decided to cross over at 100hz. I'm not exactly sure that I like the receivers "decisions". The sound quality is quite good but something still seems to be missing. I can't quite put my finger on it yet but it's possible I'm missing a little bass at a certian frequency; I'm guessing inbetween 80hz and 100hz, and I may be missing a little in the upper mid range.

Where can I get it and how does the REW you speak of work? Do I need special hardware that I don't want to buy?
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You need a compatible soundcard and a mic. Your current soundcard may work.... but the mic should be purchased. I use my AVR setup mic but some say it's less then ideal.
Sometime even though your mains play low, you may still need to cross them over around 60 or 80hz. You may get cancellation in those freq if both the sub and mains are playing them. Usually the AVR setup is pretty good though. If it was me i would try the mains on small and change the x over to 80hx and see how it sounds.
Also more info on REW can be found here:
If you DL the software the help files in it are very useful so try it out
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OBEER-WAN....... I was reading about your blazer setup, you have any pics of that?
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