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Will ReplayTV still do a manual record if the guide ceases to exist? - Page 2

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I think due to the expiration you're going to need to call ReplayTV Customer Service to get them to straighten it out...

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Thanks for the suggestion!

I called them and I was only on hold for less than a minute (which was quite a bit different than the last time I had to call them).

The person I spoke with said that the website was being updated with my new credit card information correctly but that there were problems with the server which should process the new charge.

He went ahead and processed the charge manually but he said that it would take up to 24 hours before the payment would be reflected on their servers to be picked up by our unit.

I called them late on a Friday afternoon and as of Saturday morning it still failed when I tried to check activation but shortly before noon on Saturday their servers were updated and our unit became usable again.

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The future is here !
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i picked up a replay tv unit at a yard sale so i dont know if it has subscription let alone it is even functional.

seeing that it has composite inputs i think it should be able to record from an external video source and the catch is there was no remote ( i can buy one on ebay).

i was wondering if there is a way to use it like a vcr and record completely manually like a vcr did.
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It depends what model RTV you have. The newer models, which have an Ethernet connector, require connecting and activing even to be used as a manual VCR-like. They no longer enforce subscriptions, so that shouldn't be a problem. However, you will likely need a remote just to go through the setup to configure the unit.

FYI, many multi-function remotes can run enough of a ReplayTV for you to be able to set them up. Check if you have any multi-function remotes and say that they support DVRs or PVRs models Panasonic, SonicBlue, or ReplayTV. Or, pick up a cheap multi-function remote from Walmart that can run it. Even Cable Box remotes can often control a ReplayTV.
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yes it has ethernet port.

if indeed that they are out of business then the subscription would not work.

the unit being used at yard sale should mean it was pre activated but i dont know if it has lifetime or not.

if it is unable to connect to their subscription server is there some kind of software hack that can be installed from pc via ftp'ing into the box and placing a file on it or letting the box refuse connection?
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You misunderstood my reply. They AREN'T out of business, but they also aren't checking subscriptions. A 5504 or 5508 (there's no 5505) can not be used as any kind of recorder without being able to conect to their subscription server. And, it has nothing to do with any kind of previous subscription, lifetime or not. The subscription is kept by the subscription server, not the unit, but the subscription server isn't currently checking for active subscriptions. So, you should have no problem setting it up and activating it to be used either as a DVR/PVR or for manual recordings only. It can control an external set top box, but you need an IR Blaster to do that, which you can easily purchase somewhere. You might want to start with the User's Guide, posted here which explains how to connect up an external set top box.

And, yes, there is software to allow you to use it without the subscription server. It is called WiRNS and it can be found here. But, since the subscription server is still running, you really wouldn't need that unless you want to use some of the features of it.
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my intent is to use it like a security dvr so it would not be connected to cable.
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Originally Posted by ejonesss View Post

my intent is to use it like a security dvr so it would not be connected to cable.

That's fine. However, it will still have to connect to the subscription server periodically in order to continue recording, and you'll still have to go through the configuration setup, for which you'll need a remote control. With WiRNS you can actually setup a made up channel for it to record so it thinks it's recording a show, but that's not really important. It really isn't designed to be used like a security DVR, it needs to reboot at least once a week, and it doesn't really handle continuous recording very well. The people using it this way setup up several manual recordings which give it something different to record in a 24-hour period. WiRNS would do this automatically for you, but that seems like a bit extreme just to use it as a security DVR. But, either way, it will have to be connected to a network in some way (either Ethernet or dial up) in order to contact the subscription server periodically, or else it will quit recording. You might be able to only have it connect to the subscription server after a power outage or something like that. However, it's still going to reboot about once a week, so you'll have to be able to deal with that. It usually tries to reboot when it isn't recording, which is why it really isn't designed around continuous recording, so it will probably reboot between scheduled manual recordings. Anyway, you'll have to play with it to see if it functions in a way that's usable for you or not.
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Check into WIRNS. When DNNA announced they were shutting down the schedule servers - which we convinced them not to do - the developers worked with DNNA to get the encryption codes, etc. My RTV units haven't contacted DNNA for over a year now and I pay only $25/year for the schedule data. There are ways to do it free but it's worth $25/year to just have it work.
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