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Streaming TV from Airport Extreem

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Hi there. I am hoping I can get some advice.
I have an iMAC (i5) with eyeTV on it that I record TV. The iMAC is connected to the internet wirelessly via an Airport Extreem.
I am wanting to be able to play the recorded TV on the TV and while the TV does have HDMI the iMac is not close to the TV.

Looking at some previous posts on this (going back 200+ days) it seems that it may be best to put an Airport Extreem at the TV end?
My current Airport Extreem would be about 20ft away through 3 brick walls if I was to do this- and looking at past posts I think this may be an issue?

I am not really keen on Apple TV as I have quite a few movies etc that I also would like to watch but they are in AVI and dont want to have to convert them.
Thanks in advance.
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No, that won't help you. Some folks extend their network with an Airport Express--it's a great way to get iTunes music to your AVR via optical--and have experimented "streaming" video with software by Rogue Amoeba called Airfoil--but most of us in this forum don't think that's a viable way to go for video, and instead recommend putting an aTV or a Mac at your TV.

A Mac as a dedicated HTPC is best, if you can't afford that at the moment, wait a bit, a redesigned aTV is expected.
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Thanks. I have been doing quite some reading on this and could not find a solution that seemed would work - getting this confirmed really helps.
To be honest from what I have read about the new aTV I am not sure if it will help me. It seems it could more about streaming content from the internet not being able to stream your own content- but then I am only reading rumours...
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well, I wouldn't write off a revised aTV just yet. Think of the iPad...there's an app for the iPad called Air Video and it's quickly become essential for most of us here. Basically, it allows you to stream any video you have, in any format, in real time, to your iPad. If a revised aTV were to include the ability to load existing apps like that, how happy would you be? (If you were thinking of getting an iPad, you could always connect that to your TV.)

Anyway, if you didn't feel like waiting for an Apple solution, and are somewhat constrained by budget--i.e. you don't want spend the modest $$$ for a Mac mini or iPad--there is also a relatively inexpensive class of devices called streamers that you might want to investigate. They're discussed in an AVS forum here:


Generally, they promise the moon in terms of performance and compatibility for a very attractive price. Pay attention to the user reports, though, because specs on paper don't tell the whole story.
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Thanks- extreemly useful.
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I have tried several of the inexpensive streamers and they all mostly work (the devil is in the details), but have a generally crude ui. If a liner file listing doesn't bother you for a ui, then most of them will do the job. I have a WDTV Live Plus that works extremely well for most things; it can play from an attached usb drive or it can stream over the network, and can play most any video file you can throw at it. The older WDTV Live (not Live Plus) can do most everything except Netflix and DVD menus for less money if yu can find it; there is a beta firmware out that add the dvd menu support also. They can be had for about $99 for the Live and $119 for the Plus.

I just bought an ASRock ION330HT (about $400) and installed XBMC Live (based on Linux) to stream my media from a NAS. It takes a while to setup but it has a fully graphical ui with movie posters and synopses. It gives you basically what a Mac Mini with Plex would give you for just over half the price, and as a media player the Atom processor is plenty sufficient, but of course it can't compare to the processing power of the Mini. However it upposed can pass through hi-def audio which the Mini cannot do at the moment (I have no need for it so I have not used it).
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