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Martin Logan Motion 4 or Paradigm mini Monitor C. 6

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I'm looking at taking the jump into buying my first pair of quality bookshelf speakers. I'm trying to decided between the Motion 4's and the Paradigm Mini Monitors. After auditioning them both I'm leaning towards the ML's. However, I have concerns with the build quality of these new ML's. The Paradigms sounded great as well but seemed not to pop as much as the Motions but I feel that the showroom didn't have a great setup on them to truly audition the Paradigms.

I appreciate any insight and suggestions that the more seasoned audiophiles out there have to offer. Also, feel free to offer alternatives in the $500 price range that offer a good performance-dollar value.
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I have not been impressed with the ML Motion 4. I think they are weak in the bass department, and bright in my opinion. Also I do not like the fact that they are 4 ohms, some receivers cannot take that. They are also really light, which concerns me, unless you want to mount them. I own a pair of the Mini Monitors and honestly, you cannot go wrong. They sound good for everything you throw at it. If you have a small-ish room, you wont need a subwoofer. The Mini Monitors are highly regarded, and said to be the best bookshelfs at this price point. I can believe it. They are two really different speakers, I really prefer the warmth the the Mini's because they are so strong with everything you throw at it.

EDIT: What was I on when I wrote this? This is the worst grammar and sentence structure I have ever seen.. Hahaha...
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Thanks for your insight. The reviews on the Mini Monitor seem extremely positive so I think that may be what I'll be picking up.

Does B&W offer any comparable speakers to the Mini Monitors in this price-point... just trying to make sure I explore all my options before I make the purchase.
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Though I own Martin Logans, the ones you are looking at are not the Electrostatic Speakers that they are famous for. The Motion Series uses a "Folded Motion" Tweeter which was actually an Oskar Heil Design from 30 years ago whose Patent has expired.
While a fine Driver, the use of a Plastic Cabinet does not really excite me.

Paradigms are excellent. For the money, I would seriously look at PSB Image Series. You can get the now discontinued Image T-45 that retailed for 749 for under 500 Dollars from DMC-Electronics or Saturday Audio.

These are Floorstanding Speakers and really do sound great. Especially for the money. At Retail, they are an excellent value. At almost 50% off, an unreal value.
Here is an Review:http://www.soundstage.com/revequip/psb_image_t45.htm

Like Paradigm, PSB is an Canadian Company that uses the Facilities at Canada's NRC Facility to test and fine tune their Speakers.
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