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I recently purchased a home and now need to install my theater system in the living room. I had previously installed everything temporarily in another home, but was not happy with the installation. I would like to revise some of the things I did and try again in my new home.

Equipment I have:
Speakers: Energy Take Classic x7
Subwoofer: Bag End Infrasub-18
Receiver: Denon AVR-1910
Television: LG 42PJ350 42" 720p Plasma
Projector: Optoma HD20
Projector Screen: Elite Screens 120" 16:9 Manual SRM Pro
TV/Component Stand

I plan to post a few pictures of my previous installation (projector mount and wiring are still installed at other location) and also pictures of the living room in my new house. Hopefully I can do this by this weekend, but in the meantime, here is a rough sketch of my new living room and where things are set up.

----------------- 13.5' ----------------
----------- SOFA / PJ SCREEN ---- SUB *
* T -------------------------------- L *
* V -------------------------------- O *
* S -------------------------------- V *
* T -------------------------------- E * 14'
* A ---------------------------------- *
* N ---------------------------------- *
* D -------------------------------- D *
* ---------------------------------- O *
* ---------------------------------- O *
* --------- SOFA / PROJECTOR ------ R *
* ------ *************************

EDIT: OOOKAY, so the spaces in the "picture" above were truncated. Just wait for me to post some pictures so you can see the space I am working with.


opening to kitchen/dining

sofa and projector screen



front door, opens in and against bottom wall

sofa and projector

opening to hallway

tv stand supporting plasma, receiver, ps3, etc

The surround speakers will be positioned around the projector screen, and not the plasma. The living space will be arranged as shown except when watching movies using the projector / theater system. For this, the loveseat will be turned 90 degrees and positioned in the middle of the room. The sofa on the top wall will be turned and placed where the loveseat was, clearing the top wall to pull down the projector screen. This will allow seating for 8 and room for 5 additional chairs.

Here are a few changes I would like to make from previous installation:

I used cable tie mounts ( along the corners of the walls and ceiling. This worked well but looked a bit tacky. I would like to find an affordable way to run my wiring so that it looks nice when finished. I prefer not to run through walls because there is not much room to navigate around my attic, and also I have future plans of a dedicated theater elsewhere. I would enjoy the flexibility to modify my system as desired. I am aware of raceway, but I am unsure how I would navigate around corners, etc. It also tends to be pricey. I also need to consider joints where one wire needs to come out of the channel while another continues to the next speaker (or projector, etc).

Previous mount worked okay, but did not look the greatest, was not very adjustable, and was a pain to get perfectly straight/centered when mounting for the first time. I would like my new mount to be adjustable side-to-side and vertically. I want to use a compression spring on each corner for the vertical/angular adjustments. And I would like the mount to look good of course. I do have a ceiling fan in the middle of the room, so this will be wall mounted about 3 ft down the back wall and angled up.

Previously I used some angle brackets from Lowe's I think, but did not use enough drywall anchors and the weight of the screen combined with the leverage provided by the L-bracket pulled the mounts out of the wall after a few weeks time. I would like the new mount to be secure and look good also. It needs to mounted as high to the ceiling as possible because the screen is very large for the room it is in and people in the back row (bottom wall sofa) need to be able to see above the heads of those in the middle (loveseat). I do have a set of furniture risers to use on the back sofa, but the screen still needs to be as high as possible.

I am sure that I am leaving some things out, but this is enough to get some thoughts started. I have seen a couple of projector mount examples similar to what I am going for in the forum, and will do some digging and link to them. Again, I will also post some pics of the spaces. In the meantime, let me know your thoughts please!