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Need a little help with my configuration.

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Been reading the forums for the past couple of hours and can't find an answer.

My house will be done in about 30 days so I am trying to get this all sorted out. I pre-installed 2 pairs of ceiling speakers each coming with their own volume controls.

I was wondering how do I connect these 4 speakers to a single receiver? I also wanted to add a sub as well. What kind of receiver would I need? I don't really need a selector because the volume controls are already installed. The speakers are the 8" from monoprice.

Thank you.
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are these speakers to be used for ambient music in separate rooms, or as part of a home theater setup ?

I'm confused though....which Monoprice speakers have their own volume control ?
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Yes, they are going to be used for ambient speakers in seperate rooms. I have to in the master and 2 in the kitchen/living room. I want to add a sub in the living room as well.

The volume controls did not come with the monoprice speakers. The home builders added 4 cutouts for the speakers, and they said they added 2 volume control knobs for each pair of speakers. I still have to install the monoprice speakers when the house is done.
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Not really enough information, but from what you have described, you'll need a reciever with 2 zones. The bed room speakers would be hooked to zone 2 (speaker out puts) while the living room would be zone 1, primary zone. This zone has the capability for a sub out. You plug an RCA cable from sub out to the sub amp. Depending on the receiver, some will let you play both zones, some won't. I don't know how the volume selectors are wired.
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Could you link me a receiver that would work? Also, the sub will need an amp? I thought the receiever was the "amp"
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Good subs usually have onboard amps. They connect to receivers using an RCA cable.

We'll need more info to recommend a receiver. Like budget, and what else you plan to hook into it.
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As for the reciver, that's all I plan to hook into it. I just want a separate receiver for all the ceiling speakers. Also going to attach an airport express. So just 4 ceiling speakers and a sub. I need it to fully power the 8"mono speakers. Budget is pretty low, I would say less than $200 for the receiver. What's out there?
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Can anyone recommend me a receiver based on the above information? Thank you.
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My "low-end" older Denon 2106 can be configured so it's surround amplifiers are used for zone-2 power. You can also select a different source for zone-2. In this configuration, the sub would only work on the primary zone, so you'd connect the sub to the sub-out, the kitchen/living room speakers to the front left/right speaker outs, and the other two speakers to the surround amplifer. Then set the surround amplifer to zone-2 and you'll have power to all your speakers from the one receiver.

I took the liberty of perusing the Denon AVR-1610 manual and, though Denon's site says it has "Enhanced Power Amp Assignment" I don't see it in the manual. On my Denon receiver the option is "Power Amp Assign", I'm not going to look through all their manuals for their newer receivers to find the least expensive model that has it...I'll leave it to you, but I'm going to doubt you'll find a receiver with the option for $200.

Your other option is to use a single stereo amplifier (which will obviously force all the speakers to play the same source). Then the volume controls will balance the output between the pairs. If you're OK with having every speaker pair play the same thing, this will probably be within your budget and any reasonable stereo receiver will do.

Edit: HOWEVER, a stereo receiver may/may not have sub-outs and even if it did, you'd be depriving the zone without the sub of the sub signal by engaging the x-over. So...you'd want to find a stereo receiver with pre-outs and use them for your sub and use the sub's x-over. But, you be doubling the bass (the speakers in that room would also get the sub frequencies). Alternatively, if the stereo receiver had an "enhanced bass" option (which basically means put the bass to both the speakers and the sub) then you could use that too, but you're still doubling the bass.... Essentially, unless you don't mind either a) losing the sound below your x-over point in the room without the sub or b) doubling up on the bass in the room with the sub, a stereo receiver + sub option isn't really going to be easily implementable.
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That was slightly confusing All 4 speakers are always going to play the same music so there is no need for multiple zones. So which receiver/stereo amp would I need under $200 that would work?
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Originally Posted by viper54 View Post

That was slightly confusing All 4 speakers are always going to play the same music so there is no need for multiple zones. So which receiver/stereo amp would I need under $200 that would work?

I you want a stereo amp, look closely at the latter part of my response. A stereo amp + sub driving 4 speakers in two disparate "zones" will not blend as nicely as you may want. Which, IMO, may be enough, given you only want ambient music, to drop the sub requirement.

If you're willing to drop the sub requirement, buy the best stereo receiver you can for $200. However, in that price range, the output wattage is a little lacking and, depending on how loud you want to drive the four speakers, may be deficient.

If you really want the sub, you may be able to use the record outputs of a stereo receiver to drive the sub and use the sub x-over, of course like I said before, you're "doubling" the bass because the ceiling speakers are still getting it and this is less than ideal. Plus, for ambient music, why do you feel you really need a sub?
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Well, I just need a sub because the ceiling speakers wont be enough So, blending does not really matter to me, I just need something to push 4 speakers plus 1 sub, all playing the same music, what receiver/amp would I need?
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I you're not wanting loud levels, I suppose 100 watt / channel could be enough. I don't think I'd be pleased with it...but for ambient music, I suppose it'd be ok. But, at the levels it'd provide, I think you'll be dialing your sub back quite a bit for it to sound reasonably good (not bass heavy).... Guess the only way to really know is to try it and see if it makes you happy. Considering your budget, I don't think you'll get much more power anyway.
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