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Lenovo wireless Trackball/Keyboard Deal

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Not sure if this is the right place to post this...if not, Mods please move it.....

Lenovo's website has their N5901 wireless keyboard / trackball on sale.....Reg $59.99........$30 off with code USPCAG16336......

Mine was $31.16 shipped with tax.......

Not sure how I'm gonna like it, but for $30 I'll try it out.....
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When I setup my HTPC my existing wireless keyboard worked fine from the easy chair but the mouse did not. On a quest I went to a local computer store and told the guy what I was doing, ie a HTPC that needed to mouse from a chair 10 feet from the PC. While I was looking at all the wireless keyboards and mice he scurried away and came back with the Lenovo unit. When he pointed out it had a trackball and keyboard in one unit I said for that price I will risk it. What a great unit, perfect for surfing, pointing and clicking, typing usernames and pws. I still keep the big wireless keyboard on hand for serious typing. If only it were backlit it would be perfect.
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For $30 it's a great little device, decent range, just don't expect to be able to use it in a dark HT environment (at least not as far as the keyboard goes). The trackball is very loose and takes some getting use to, I used one for about a week in my HT and returned it but at $30 I may order another one as a secondary control in my media room.

Here's a link to the Lenovo site... http://shop.lenovo.com/SEUILibrary/c..._menu_area=yes

* Ordered one for $32 shipped, not too shabby, thanks for the heads up CajunCanuck .

** Something to keep in mind is that their processing/shipping appears to be pretty slow, my estimated ship date is 8/12 after ordering on 8/5 (so even though it said allow up to 5 days for processing and shipping, before I placed the order, they are actually estimating up to 7 days after the order had been placed). Then their free shipping is up to another 5 days added onto that. Not complaining at this price, just a warning, don't be in a rush for it .

*** My order shipped on Monday 8-9-2010 and is to be delivered on 8-12-2010, it does say signature required (so something else to watch for).

**** As of 8-10-2010 the code is still working (just a heads up).

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Just a bump in case anybody else missed this and would like to get in on the deal .

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My kids like it, but don't expect to do much text input on it - Keys don't always respond well - You need to type slowly and check the screen for input regularly.

Quite honestly, there seem to be some other solutions around this price(I paid $30 fo mine or a few bucks more, that might be better.
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I have one, and thought I wouldn't say it is fantastic, it basically does the job. Biggest flaw is lack of backlight (I wonder if you could just throw an small LED back there or something? I have no clue how you would wire that though) and as someone mentioned, keys are not the most responsive. Also, I sometimes have a double click issue happening with the left click, which can be very annoying. I think it has to do more with interference of the signal more than anything else, though.
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Glad some peeps could use the deal......

And for your backlight problems?.......look no fiurther than here @ AVS........

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Um....kinda cooL? Haha.
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This one is the old version, and it goes regularly on sale for $22-$25. I have one, and it is ok.
The new version, with backlight, is considered better (based on reviews), and goes on sail for $32-$36.
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It there any functional difference between the two other than the finish and lighted keys? I am in the market for one (newer version) but $20 seems like a good price
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None that I remember (maybe the track ball looseness was fixed); you may need to look at the reviews.
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